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A Local family from Grand Rapid joins reality show about preachers - A local resident of Grand Rapid is now part of the show "Preachers' Daughters." The show aims to educate people about the real life of a preacher and his family. Like normal people, they go through all sorts of problem.

A local resident form Grand Rapid joins the cast of the provocative reality show, "Preachers' Daughters". The show, now on its second season on the Lifetime network is about the lives of four families inside and outside the church. The series gets its viewers from a lot of people, including people in the Christian community. The Elliott family is taking that attention and public inspection and used it to their advantage. Tori Elliott, one of show's stars claimed that what they want everyone to realize is that preachers’ daughters are just regular girls and not one of those perfect daughters people thought them to be. The show aims to show how a real preacher’s daughter acts and reacts to certain situation. Elliot is the daughter of Kenneth, who works as a pastor of the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church in Grand Rapids. Tori's life is just as normal as it could get as she parties hard, goes to church, drinks wine and do a lot of crazy stuffs. Her behavior on the season's first episode last week had Tori's parents and some viewers shrinking at times. "I often say to parents be careful what you say your children won't do," said Monique Elliott, Tori's mom. "I am seeing a lot of this with all of the viewers and it hurt me. I was like I don't even know if my child is in her right mind sometimes. That is what I was thinking. Is she in her right mind?" Being the head of his household and, of his parish, Pastor Elliott is definitely aware of the importance of projecting a positive image. He says the family prayed over the choice if they are going to join or not in the reality show. He hopes that the show will educate other families how to act in certain situations since like them, his family also go through lots of problem. "There shouldn't be a myth of us being perfect," he said. "We have things we have to deal with. We have real lives. We have the enemy constantly attacking the family." Before he becomes a pastor for Grand Rapids, he was a pastor at a church in New Orleans. Tori says that viewers will see love, laughter, reality about the life of a preacher and his family. "It starts out kind of rough, but as we go through each episode, you will see my journey and my way back to Christ," she said. "I am able to make my own mistakes. It is just what do I learn from making those mistakes, I want them [the viewers] to keep that in mind. Go through to the end. I don't stay in that frame of mind. It does get better and I just hope they remember that and stick with it until the end."
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