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A chinese reality show features a mother giving birth - A Chinese reality TV show features something that most people wouldn't want to see in their life. Somehow the show is becoming more and more popular in China.

Having a child is one of the wondrous feelings for a parent. They are the means to having a healthy and joyful life, but are you prepare to watch how a child is brought to earth on live TV? There a new Chinese reality TV show that feature women as they undergo labor. Actually, the whole coverage starts at knowing that they are pregnant until the time that they give birth to the kid. The TV show, “Come On, Baby,” first aired last week, right before Mother’s Day. It is produce by the Mead Johnson (Milk formula company). “Every day, we witness the arrival of new life. We watch as each family’s life experiences a moment of great change,” is the introduction of the show, which also features series of men kissing their wives’ bellies and women biting their hospital bedding in anguish. “What you’re watching is a major, real-life show.” The show, which is shown on aired on Shenzhen Satellite Television got some negative comments with some viewers, who are offended with the graphic nature of the program. “It’s so bloody, it’s hard for me to accept. I’d rather just watch zombie shows,” wrote one user. The show is showing something that shouldn’t be shown on TV since even a kid can see it. Lots of mothers didn’t like the idea because it is showing too much blood and their children might be traumatized from what they see. Despite, the criticism, there are those that are supporting the show. Right now its Weibo page has more than 52, 000 followers and it is still growing. Chinese TV producers aren’t the only one that has an interest in the potential of a drama of mother giving birth to her child as there is also a show from Britain that does it - “One Born Every Minute,” which has prompted spinoffs in the U.S. IN the meantime, some men who were fascinated with the subject have undergone televised simulated labor pains with the help of low-voltage electrodes, an exercise that some in Jiangxi province also recently tried as part of a Mother’s Day-themed celebration. “My first feeling is, my mom must have gone through so much pain—I love you!” wrote one Weibo user. “My second feeling is, mom, having a baby is way too scary. Even watching the show, I felt like my stomach was in pain. In the future, I definitely won’t have a kid!!!”
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