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A couple from California sues a reality TV show for raw sewage - Rochelle Kirk and Scott Waters were happy that they would get their bathroom finally fix, but they don't expect that it comes with a horrible smell. The couple have to move out of their house because of the smell.

When Rochelle Kirk and Scott Waters of Covina, Calif. Seek help from a reality show, they didn’t expect it to become their nightmare. Apparently, they got more than they wished for as it included 200 gallons of raw sewage. According to the case filed, the show is liable for 200 gallons of raw sewage that spilled into their home. The damages done were estimated to be around $2.87 million. Back in April 2013, they were approached by one of the casting employees of "Catch a Contractor,” which is hosted by the comedian Adam Carolla. The employee told them that they are looking for families that have been abandoned by contractors and have no choice, but to live with the nightmare that their contractors left. As they continued, Kirk and Waters claimed that the bathroom was never completed by their contactors back in 2012. So when the opportunity comes to them, they grab the chance of letting the reality show come in and fix things. Soon after the producers of the show talk to them and promised that in exchange for allowing the production company full access to their story and the house, the show would hire licensed contractors and crew that can do the job that their contractors weren’t able to do. Having heard that, the couple signed the contract so that the renovation would proceed. Corolla wasn’t a defendant as the couple blames Spike TV, its owner Viacom, and individual plaintiffs and contractors. The allegation claimed that their negligence and violation of civil codes, which claims some of the contractors doesn’t have the license to work on the home. David Schwarz, a spokesman for Spike TV, didn’t comment about the issue. The spokeswoman for Emergency Restoration Services Inc., a contractor named in the lawsuit as a defendant, can’t say anything about the issue too. Based on the law, the defendants are given 30 days to file a legal response from the time they are served with the lawsuits. As the couples remember it, the contractors themselves said that it would be impossible to finish the job in such a short-time period. Soon, the bathroom was finished, but they unintentionally left one of the sewer pipes disconnected, which allows around 200 gallons of raw sewage to spill under the shower, into the walls and underneath the house, the lawsuit states. The couple mentioned the problem to the producers of the show, but the producers don’t give a damn. As time passes by, the couple started to feel sick, but that is not the worst of it as soon enough even their children started to get sick. The children were sent to the hospital because of respiratory infection. The doctor claimed that the infection was because of a mold, so the couples hired a plumber. The plumber discovered the raw sewage after opening an area of the wall. By August, the family was forced to move out of their house because of health problem. The plumber called them back in December to notify them that it is safe to go back.
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