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A geek wins J Lo's heart on American Idol - Alex Preston impresses the American Idol judge when he perform last night on the reality show. Despite the shyness of Preston, he manage to capture the heart of J Lo.

February is the month of love and you can easily tell that there is love in the air whenever you see a girl and a guy cherishing each other. This is what is happening on the set of American Idol. 20-year-old Alex Preston manages to win Jennifer Lopez’s heart on the reality show last Wednesday night show. Preston might know how to perform with different instruments, but he is sure shy when it comes to performing on stage. And that affects his performance. He did his rendition of Damien Rice’s Volcano. Lopez got impressed by his performance and went on to say ‘such a groove.’ In his attempt to make it to the The contestants are now fighting for the top 13 this week. Before the performance, there were already five contestants that were ejected from Ryan Seacrest ‘Chamber of Seacrest.’ Caleb Johnson was the first one who performed that night. He admitted that he is an obsessed fan of the Freddy Mercury. It was the vocalist of the ‘Queen’ that inspired him to pursue music at the young age of 11, when he first heard him perform. C J Harris was next; he gave a mournful rendition of Shelter by Ray Lamontagne – making his girlfriend cry in the process. ‘Airline Ramp Agent’ Emmanuel Zidor, hit the high note with the song ‘The Best of My Love’ by The Emotions. Even with a tender age Sam Wolfe proves that he can sing ‘Babylon’ by English crooner David Gray. Next was George Lovett, who sang Bruno Mars’ heartfelt ballad Grenade and it was outstanding. Dexter Roberts tried to be as attractive as possible with some help from the make-up team. He gave his best with his own version of ‘This Old Boy’, by Craig Morgan. The ‘Singing Deli Man’ church singer Malcolm Allen performs his rendition of “ Comin' From Where I'm From,” by Anthony Hamilton. J.Lo felt like he could have do better with the song he had chosen and tell him to put more emotion into it. Ben Briley, who family is in the food serving business is tired of their business and plans to make a living from singing. Holding his electric guitar perform The Allman Brothers’ track Shoeshine. Last, was 19-year-old Spencer Lloyd who sings without his guitar for the first time. The religious singer from Arkansas was able to impress the crowd when he sang a rendition of “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray. Urban didn’t think that it was his best and thought that he could do better. However, he can’t deny the fact that the kid got some talent when it comes to singing.
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