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A resident of Alcoa will be featured on a motorbike reality show - There are lots of people that want to be in a reality show, but sadly, they aren't ready to take the extra few steps. That is not the case with Alcoa resident Matt Harris as he is convinced that they should take the extra steps.

While many dream of having their own reality show, there are only handfuls that are willing to take the extra few steps to get to their dream. Gladly, Alcoa resident Matt Harris is convinced that they should take the extra steps. Harris and his crew is about to open a new TV show called "Biker Live", which will be shown every Monday night at the Discovery Channel. Matt has a regular job so he needs to put on some extra hours in his backyard garage with his dad Ed to work on a custom built Harley Davidson. Harris's love for motorcycles started back when he was a teenager. He got his first bike at the age of 18. Harris and his crew are just one of the three teams vying to get the most viewer votes. Harris confessed that they were lucky to be awarded with the show. He remembered calling the casting company because of an ad on the internet. Sadly, it was too late. "I said, 'Hold on lady, just give me a shot. Let me explain myself.' So I got my foot in the door, and then just kicked it on in," Harris said with a laugh. "Next thing you know, Hollywood comes to town and here we are building a bike for TV." That was the start and it happened in January and lasted for two months, a film crew followed Matt, his father and two friends as they built a bike for the competition. "This series is going to be pretty gritty. There's not going to be a lot of drama or acting. It's really about building motorcycles," said Harris. Harris claimed that the work was grueling, but the fun part is that his kids seemed to like it. He confessed that they are excited about the project and every day, they are asking if there is film crew ready to film for that day. On Monday night, the show will feature a ducky as they try to slip it into all the shots. It is from one of his boys. Harry felt satisfied after they completed the bike. "We're extremely proud. We worked hard on it. Blood, sweat and tears. A lot of time and energy. We have 1,500 hours in this bike." The bike that is set to be seen on national TV on Monday night was from Tennessee. The show starts at 10 pm, but there will be a watch party Monday night at Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson in Maryville starting at 8 p.m.
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