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AMC and KEvin Smith are planning a new late night show - AMC along with Kevin Smith have plans on making a new late night show, wherein they make fun at some people in the industry. Alongside with that, AMC also renews Comic Book Men -- another TV show of Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith is planning to do a late night show. Reports has it that AMC and filmmaker Kevin Smith that they will be a new late night TV show entitled “Hollywood Babble-On,” focusing on the biggest stories from all around the entertainment industry. In conjunction with the new late night show, the cable network also announced that they will renew Comic Book Men and other new unscripted series with the filmmaker. The new late night show is based upon the popular live podcast that Smith hosts along with his longtime friend and frequent collaborator Ralph Garman. The two first met each other on the Los Angeles morning radio show Kevin and Bean where Garman works as an entertainment reporter and impressionist. AMC’s Executive VP of Programming, Production and Digital Content Joel Stillerman said that they have been planning this over a year ago. They know that this will be a hit among people since they have watched Smith’s show over the past few years and have seen its success. Moving forward for Smith and Garman’s unique perspective on entertainment reporting is inevitable. Kevin Smith said that that the podcast will be like Entertainment Tonight bundled with a filthy sense of humor. AMC and Kevin Smith are currently working on the format as they develop the podcast into the new late night TV show. Smith claimed that the show will need to be messed with so that they could make into a weekly TV series but that the general attitude and fun dynamic of Garman and Smith will remain. Hollywood Babble-On will bring an insider viewpoint while they make fun of the people in the industry. AMC have already proven that they have the means to be successful in the talk show circle with their after-show companion series Talking Dead and Talking Bad. The cable network’s drive is developing a late night TV show with Kevin Smith, wherein most of their competitors failed. Recently, Chris Hardwick, the host of both AMC Talking Dead and Talking Bad unveiled his own late night TV show on Comedy Central, entitled @Midnight -- an internet-themed improve game show with a panel of comedians. Together with Hollywood Babble-On, AMC the fourth Smith’s Comic Book Men was also renewed. The unscripted series averages is watched by more than one million viewers. Smith and AMC are also moving forward with a Comic Book Men companion series of sorts, which follows the lives of frequent cast member Robert Bruce as he goes on a cross-country search for odd and pricey fanboy collectibles at auctions, flea markets and estate sales.
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