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Ashton Kutcher's production company is facing a lawsuit - Over a year ago, Katalyst Media settled a lawsuit against California's Department of Motor Vehicles from backing out from a deal they had made from reality television show. Now, Katalyst is the one facing the lawsuit from the reality show producer.

About a year ago, Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Media settled a court case against California's Department of Motor Vehicles because they back out from a deal on a reality television show. The lawsuit cost the government agency around $450,000 to settle. And they thought that it would end the legal fussing over the unproduced DMV reality show. However, that was not enough as a producer named Hedda Muskat soon filed a complaint against Kutcher's production company and Creative Artists Agency, and on Wednesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge indicated that he was inclined to allow claims to live on. Prior to making it under submission, the judge read a tentative ruling from the bench. The actor eventually got upset upon hearing the verdict. The DMV show was supposedly Muskat's idea. The producer claimed that she got push aside throughout the development and that Katalyst was held responsible for the destruction of the project. According to Muskat, most of the work that were done on the project was from her hardwork, but, the agency backed out of the show following the time that Katalyst issued an "offensive casting call", framing the project as "adversarial to the DMV." Muskat didn’t get anything from the settlement and her carer was allegedly destroyed. Prior to the incident, the plaintiff was a successful producers and are responsible for “a long string of successful reality television programs, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Judge Alex and America's Got Talent," as stated by Muskat's lawsuit that was filed last September. However, the shows that she brought CAA and Katalyst were consistently torpedoed by Defendants' mismanagement, her name go dragged to the aborted projects and that gave her a bad reputation “in the reality television industry,” which she had a long successful career. The lawsuit was about the breach of oral contract and promissory fraud and CAA for breach of fiduciary duty and negligence. All of that, plus some other claims are included in her $2 million lawsuit. In reply, Katalyst's attorney Harrison Dossick questioned the "vague" oral contract claim in a demurrer motion. The attorney said that she forgot to mention what was the alleged promise include ... and what does his client took away from her. Also how she got affected by the breach of contract. Muskat attorney, Daniel Lifschitz, stated that Katalyst (via Katalyst co-owner Jason] Goldberg) promised Plaintiff she would be in control over the project at all times. However, she was excluded from the excecutive decision about the show, therefore, regarding her as powerless to prevent the cancellation of the project, causing the plaintiff bad reputation.
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