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Awkward - Awkward is essentially a new TV series that focuses on certain things that have occurred during in our lives.

Awkward is essentially a new TV series that focuses on certain things that have occurred during in our lives. Sometimes these things change and define us for the better, but obviously some of these incidents and experiences change us for the worse. Awkward focuses on a young character, unlike many other TV series that are airing at the moment. The lead character is Jenna Hamilton, a 15 year old girl that is feeling left out, feeling like she does not belong and generally feels lost with life. She wants to find where she belongs but at the same time, does not want to go through this journey by making herself stand out. Jenna might be a young girl that thinks things are all going wrong, but she soon realizes what she had. After an accident, Jenna could have easily taken her new life as being the end, or the start of nothing. That being said, she does not and instead, she chooses to see her accident as a blessing, a chance to fit in by standing out and a chance to be happy for who she is and what she does, rather than upset and confused about who she is and what she is really going to do with her life. The show has gotten much better reviews than many people really imagined. A lot of people expected this show to be fairly bland and simple, but in fact, it is the complete opposite. The reality is that it allows people to explore different areas of their lives, thinking about what things they take for granted and what things in their life really make them happy. The great thing about this is it allows teenagers to relate to it and actually understand what many of their feelings are related to and what they actually mean. Awkward is a show that has a lot of messages, so it is important for people to understand these messages if they are going to be able to relate to the shower. The reality is that the two lead males in the TV series actually work together well and they help the program to be what it is rather than hinder is. The supporting actors throughout the Awkward TV series are actually a lot better than a lot of people would imagine. Too many times there are extremely poor support actors that end up ruining the show, which is always a shame; not the case with Awkward.
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