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Bachelorette contestant now in a coma because of paragliding accident - Eric Hill crashed into Utah mountainside when his parachute malfunctioned while he was in the high turbulence area. His fried said that Hill was into paragliding a long time now. But, his experiences aren’t a match against Mother Nature.

A guy that is set to compete in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette is in a coma and clinging to life following a horrible paragliding accident on Sunday. Eric Hill, a 32-year-old man with a quest to see every UN recognized country on Earth, crashed into a Utah mountainside as soon as his parachute malfunctioned while he was in the high turbulence area. His injuries were severe and authorities claimed that he suffered serious head trauma regardless of wearing all the proper safety gear that include a helmet. 'He experienced a partial parachute collapse, which swung him into the mountainside with some velocity,' Unified Fire Authority Battalion Chief Brian Anderton informed KUTV. 'It doesn't seem like he fell an extremely long distance, but the velocity that he went into the hillside was enough to cause some trauma.' The respondents rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he remained in a coma on Tuesday. Prior to the accident, the ABC reality show contestant already been eliminated from the competition where he competed for the love of bachelorette Andi Dorfman. As per his friend, Hill was experienced when it comes to paragliding. Also KUTV reports that he was often seen Utah where the activity is widely popular. 'He's well experienced. He knows what he's doing,' the friend, Derek Mazur, told KUTV. 'Just kind of that time of year. Spring, the air is really rough and a lot of turbulence.' But Anderton claimed that safety gear and experience doesn’t assure that you will be safe all the time, especially with Mother Nature. Adding that, no one should do paragliding if the weather condition is not fine. Hill had yet to achieve ill repute for his television appearance, but had become well-known because of traveling. For the project he dubbed The Global Odyssey: Finding Awesome in Every Country, Hill was setting his eyes on visiting all 194 UN-recognized world countries in record time and by the time of the horrible accident he was well on his way. A picture of the traveler was posted in a social media account. There he was posing in breathtaking shots from Finland to Djibouti. One of his fans posted a message on his Facebook page that read: 'Friends: Eric has been in a horrible paragliding accident and is currently in critical condition in a coma. Things are not looking good right now...please, all across the world, even if you're not a praying person, please pray for him. He needs your prayers more than ever.'
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