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Bailey McConnell got a standing ovation from the three judges of BGT - Bailey McConnell wowed everyone and got a standing ovation from three of the judges of BGT. Simon wasn't there to witness his performance as Simon to run an errand in the US.

Bailey McConnell gives everyone something to be impressed when he performed on ITV’s Britain's Got Talent. Simon wasn’t around because he need to flew back to the United States and attend to the needs of his newly-born son, so the 14-year-old singer-songwriter from Milton Keynes on need to win over the three judges. He claimed that he wrote the song after his friend turned against him. His performance did more than to impress people as he got a standing ovation from the three judges. 'Often the best singer-songwriters have to go through something really tough and turn it into something really beautiful and we can all unite because we've all had some experience like that... for example, the person that you love is having a baby with someone else, I get it. I get it,’ as stated by David Walliams. Other performers that perform that night were several Irish dancers, a Del Boy impersonator and a bed of nails act. Aside from them, there are also contestants that already competed in the show before. One – 18-year-old dancer Kai Widdrington – manage to get into the final of BGT only two years ago prior to the time that they got eliminated. The other two are singers Andrew Derbyshire, 31, and Micky Dumoulin, 24. Dumoulin, from Essex, wowed the judges with his version of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. Cowell compares him to former X Factor runner-up Olly Murs, saying: ‘I just had a really good feeling when you came out. I remember the first time I met Olly Murs and he had the same kind of charisma.’ Andrew Derbyshire was a contestant in 2001, when he was eliminated in the first round of Pop Idol. Cowell was among the judges for the Simon Fuller devised ITV show, which was won by Will Young. Derbyshire was then an understudy in the West End production of We Will Rock You and starred in touring productions of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and singing on an album of the musical Someone Like You. Andrew’s past appearance on Pop Idol is referred to as part of his audition and now he hopes for a second chance. Some of the contestants have already joined other contest before they got spotted and encourage in joining BGT. Most of them got their own careers and have their agents to help them market their talents, while one of the stars of this year’s BGT – salsa-dancing grandmother Paddy Jones, 79 – won Spain’s equivalent show in 2009 and appeared in the Argentinian version of Strictly Come Dancing in 2010.
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