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Barret's time might be now - CM Punk is gone and injured so the WWE might be looking for another star to carry their name. This is the chance that every WWE superstar is awaiting and one of those stars might be Bad News Barret.

With CM Punk’s unexpected departure and Daniel Bryan’s injury, there might be a spot for a new talent to rise in the industry. But, that will happen, unless some of old favorite came in the scenario and the company agrees to make them the star. If that happens, things might not be good for a superstar like Bad News Barrett, who is slowly making a name for himself. Wrestling fans are familiar with WWE reality show “Total Divas” on the E! Network. It is all about the lives of WWE’s female talents (a.k.a. Divas) in and out of the ring, which offers a close up looks into their lives backstage. For now, the show is currently WWE’s crown jewel of programming outside of “Monday Night RAW” and “Smackdown.” The show’s popularity hasn’t been lost on the men in the locker room. Barrett claimed that fellow pro wrestler Tyson Kidd, who is one of the mainstays on the show as the husband of featured Diva Nattie Neidhart, got his popularity because of the “Total Divas” than he is for his in-ring work. “He’s a great pro wrestler. He’s technically very astute and a great performer,” said Barrett. “But for whatever reason he gets more people coming up to him saying hello because they’ve seen him on the Divas show then they have seen him wrestling in the ring, which I thought that was pretty amazing.” As for how much reality there is in a pro wrestling reality show: “I think for the most part it’s genuine characters and genuine personalities… As with any TV show their aim is to make it entertaining. So, certain scenarios might be set up where they’re put into a very strict environment and seeing how they respond. It’s not like they have lines like a movie… it’s a lot of improv.” Of course, like anyone, he got his goals set aside. For him it is with his wrestling career. “I want to be champion of the world. There’s never been a British world champion before,” Barrett said. “I think that’s a terrible statistic and somebody needs to wipe that out. Hopefully, it’s me. I’m going to take it as far as I can. There’s certain elements involved in pro wrestling that aren’t solely down to the performer. There’s only so much I can do. I’ve kind of stopped beating myself up about things not working out the way I want them to every time.” Barret if the current WWE Intercontinental Championship and he are going to defend it against another WWE star, Rob Van Dam at the Payback pay-per-view on Sunday. Barrett is set to return to Washington on June 23 for a live broadcast of RAW at the Verizon Center.
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