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Big Brother House will have a futuristic look - The house will not be like the other houses, where the reality show was held before. This time, it will have the futuristic look and something that you can see in science fiction TV shows.

Big Brothers will return on TV screen this Thursday, so the TV network, Veronica had opened the doors to the futuristic house. The house has plenty of modern curves, bright green and purple colours and it will be hard for the housemates to hide. The BB house isn’t exactly a comfy home like the previous BB house. Instead, it looks like more of a futuristic spacecraft. You won’t see the lavish soft furnishings, which was present from Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year. The furnishings are state-of-the-art homewear. As with the announcement about the new BB house, the producers makes sure that the house is high-tech. Housemates must leave their phones, iPads and Twitter accounts behind, but that doesn’t mean that they will be deprive of technology as the house is made of technology. Prior to going to the Diary room, their hands will be scanned on an identity touch pad to allow them access. Even the outside area of the BB house is futuristic because of how the environment looks like. The outside area will be made out of clean lines, groovy pot plants and green space, along with plenty of bright purple seating, as well as the usual swimming pool and sports area. With the new layout of the BB house, housemates can from upstairs what is going on below in the garden. However, those upstairs can also be viewed from the garden. The bedroom is accessible through the garden. There is way to escape the bareness of the house as there are private futuristic pods set high above the garden. The living area looks like more of that from the movie, Star Trek. The sofas colored bright green and it has plenty of purple shading in the colouring on the walls and cupboards too. There is an interactive LED wall that features the housemates’ faces and that will change week after week during the elimination. Those, who will be facing public votes, will have their face on the LED wall. Among all the rooms, the kitchen is the only forward-thinking of all the rooms in the new BB premises. You can see the place for making coffee and toast on the benches, but the fridge is still nowhere to be seen. The kitchen is coloured bright geometric yellow shades on the flooring. Luisa Zissman will return in the BB house as one of the regular panelist on Big Brother's Bit On The Side, as well as Big Brother's Bit On The Psyche and a roving reporter on the former. She will work together with Rylan Clarke and Iain Lee as well as main show presenter, Emma Willis.
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