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Ex-TOWIE star Billie Mucklow cheers on Andy Caroll's team - Billie Mucklow was celebrating while fans of the other team was booing Andy Caroll and his team. Billie even posted a picture of his her and newphew while watching the game on Instagram.

Most of the fans of the West Ham may have been booing Andy Carroll and his West Ham team-mates right after they won over Hull on Wednesday night – but at least, there were two fans cheering for him. The striker’s girlfriend, former-The Only Way is Essex star Billi Mucklow, was watching along with along with her baby nephew Ronnie to watch the Hammers win 2-1 at Upton Park. The two have started dating since February, in which the 25-year-old star shared an Instagram picture of them together. She also uploaded a picture of her at the match with her sister Giorgie’s son. Along with the picture, there was the caption: 'Ronnie's first West Ham Game ready to cheer on his Uncle Andy!' West ham eventually won the game with some valiant efforts from Kevin Nolan and a James Chester own goal, but some fans of the home court can’t accept it and started booing them. After the game, manager Sam Allardyce puts his hands on his ear because the fans were booing them instead of cheering them. The home fans were disappointed that their home team got beaten because of their home town favorite McGregor sent home. 'I've not experienced that before in the time I've been in the game,' he said. Obviously, for us, today was all about coming off with three points, whether we played brilliantly, indifferently or not so good. It was about getting the three points. Adding that he is happy that his lads where able to win the game and that what is matters the most. He likes to remind how difficult it is to defeat 10 men. 'We were brilliant playing with 10 men when we beat Cardiff 2-0 and we played here against Swansea City for 65 minutes with 10 men and they didn't score and we won the game. Hull City was up to the tasked as they only got 10 men, but were able to keep the ball well and is how they are able to pull the win. That is what is needed to win the game. One thing is for sure, they have what it takes to beat anyone. When asked why he cupped his ear after the final whistle, Allardyce said: 'I did it because I was hearing booing, I couldn't quite believe it. 'I'd seen something I've never seen before. Nothing surprises me, I suppose. 'I can't understand it, to be honest. We've got a difficult situation and it must be frustration.'
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