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Game reality show got cancelled on the first day because of unprofessionalism - Game_Jam, A reality TV show that focuses on game development was cancelled after the first day that it aired because of its crews' unprofessional attitude towards work. Apparently, the participants felt like they were not welcome on the TV show.

Game_Jam, A reality TV show that focuses on game development got cancelled on the very first because of unprofessionalism. Some participants walked-out because they felt like they were not welcome on the show. The show was introduced by its makers as a contest that would show off the skills and personalities of indie game developers, but the show only lasted a day. Reports say that the developers think that the show were manipulating them for ratings and of crass sexism. Some of the game developers that attended the first day of the show were Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Robin Arnott (SoundSelf) and Adriel Wallick (Candescent). However, it seems that they can’t tolerate their differences with the production crew, forcing the developers to walk out of the TV show. Apparently, one of the producers insisted that the developers follow a line of questioning to the developers about why they have a female on their development team. There is a point where Matti Leshem, the owner of the company known as Protagonist and represented the interests of its sponsor, Mountain Dew, reportedly asked Wallick, if being lady is advantage simply because she is the apple of the eye of the team. Leshem also insisted that the contestants drink the beverage being indorsed by their company. Even before the filming ever started, the Polaris and its parent Maker (recently bought by Disney) allegedly insisted that they should use clauses, which annoyed participants. The companies tried to control everything that the developers have to say, as well as some follow-up obligations, such as attending anniversary shows. In an interview by Polygon magazine with Arnot, the latter said: "We all understand it was first a show and second a game jam. Our bullshit meters were hanging out at about 15 to 20 percent already going in, but that seemed worth it in order to demonstrate something magical to the public. We knew there would be challenges that would be basically bullshit, but as long as we were working with our friends and showcasing what is magical about our community we were fine." The challenges that were mentioned were reality show-style competitions, like creating a YouTube video about their project, or making a presentation about their game using non-digital means. "Our whole interaction with anybody before the jam went down was nothing but respectful and excited," he added. But the tone of the show, and its alien insistence on confrontational entertainment, soon rubbed the developers up the wrong way.”
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