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Gun shop owner will star in their reality show to promote their business - Louie is already a successful businessman in New York, but he has bigger plans and he thinks that he can't simply accomplish that in the big city. There are lots of competitor there and the customers are simply limited compare to the amount of business opening in the same area.

The plan took three years before it become true. Derek claimed that he receive an early phone call from his friends, Louie and Teressa Tuminaro informing him about their plan to become an instant reality star. The native of Long Island, N.Y., couple had plans on leaving the big city lights for the country charm of small town Hamilton, Montana. There, they will be setting up a small business that deals with gun collectibles. The couple knew that cultural shock will play and they believe that it might just be the thing that will make them an instant star. Before the plan, Louie Tuminaro had a car audio business back in his home state. There, he used to work with celebrities and famous sports figures. The idea came from the old 1960s sitcom, ‘Green Acres’ that starred Eddie Albert and the glamorous Eva Gabor as a couple who moved from New York City to a rural country farm. Tuminaro said that since they are from New York, people think that they are a quick talker. But, living in New York means that you need to do your best. You have to be the best at what you do. Going on a business there means that you are ready for the other competitors nearby. And that is the reason why they want to pursue a life out of the big city. Fortunately, the Outdoor Channel want to give a chance to the Tuminaros and their Corvallis-based production company, Magnum Global Media, to become a reality show star. After finishing filming this summer, the first episode will be shown in September. Though, the crew have been filming them their everyday life as they purchase some unique firearms both in and out of the state. Lots of people have been calling them to take a look at their h heirlooms and each one of the guns has their own story. The family hopes that the show will help them to make a name for their business. The gun shop will be located in downtown Hamilton and they will start business in September, the same time that the show airs, to begin selling memorabilia and, guns. “The program will be shown in half-hour episodes,” he said. “We’ll be filming six weeks in a row this summer.” “The big star seems to be our English bulldog Enzo,” he said. “He’s named after a type of Ferrari that’s low and wide. The network loves my wife, dad and the dog. They love the warmth of the other people more than they love me.
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