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Hacker joins a jungle survival contest - David Howard works as an ethical hack, but decided to join a reality show that has nothing to do with his current job. Apparently, he have the experience since he was once in the infantry department when he was in the US army.

Normally, this Blue Ash resident uses his skills in fighting hackers, but this time, he is going to battle against Mother Nature, in a new competition reality show that airs later this year. David Howard finished filming in February for "Fat Guys in the Woods," a new reality show that is set to be shown on the Weather Channel this coming August. Howard claimed the "fat guy" in the title doesn’t translate to a fat guy at all as most of them have a physical career at one time that gained weight because of their new career lifestyle. "I used to be in the military; now I work in IT and sit behind a desk all day. I fit the model of being a couch potato," Howard said. "Fat Guys in the Woods" comes from the creative mind of Rivr Media and is being distributed to the Weather Channel by Passion Distribution, describing the show on its website as a competition show that "will take three average Joes off the couch and back into the wild with one objective: learn the skills that make a man a man." Howard was once an infantry man in the United States for 12 years. Now, his work is far from that as he is now a certified ethical hacker. "I hack for the good guys so we can keep the bad guys out," he said. Howard said heard about the show while he was in Chicago. And thought of joining the show for fun, money and the thrill so, he created a video of himself in his hotel room and sent it out. After a rigged interview, he was able admitted to the show. While the contestants that were sent there earlier got heat blankets or fire starting material, Howard was placed in the eighth and hardest episode. He and two other guys join the rest of the cast with only a bottle of water, a knife and a hatchet. The three contestants learn how to survive with some help from survival expert. Survival expert Creek Stewart teaches them the right way to build shelter, make a fire and catch food. They struggled to stay warm and finding food to eat in the jungle. Soon, the group breaks up as each of them needs to leave on their own. It is everyone for themselves. Howard are lucky enough to have known some survival skill because of his previous job as an infantry claimed that the real challenge is about the mental toughness of each person.
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