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Real Housewives of Beverly Hill ditches two of its own for another two casts - The reality show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hill Today is about to have something new as they are going to replace two of it cast to get two new casts for the show. It is a sad thing that some of your favorite casts might not be returning in the next season.

The reality show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hill Today is about to get a revamp as it is rumored to ditching two of it cast to get two new casts for the show. Sadly, some of your favorite casts might not be seen in the next season. According to TMZ, producers of the show were not happy with how Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud acts and the producers told them to look for another job. Apparently the two weren't jiving during the reunion show taping earlier this month - all the other women had great chemistry ... and it seems that the two were outsiders. Giraud says she doesn’t mind not returning to the Bravo show because she have other commitments that she don’t want to compromise because of the show. Another revelation was that she is about to say bye-bye to the 90120. There are two spots to fill producers are currently looking for some replacements. They are consulting the current housewives to give some suggestions on who should join the cast. Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are trying to woo Shiva Safai into joining the cast, according to RadarOnline. Both the two were trying to convince Shiva she should join the cast and they want her to be part of the next season. Aside from being gorgeous, she is also a true class act and everyone loves her. Yolanda even encourages his former husband, Mohammed to marry Shiva. Yolanda and Mohammed have remained their friendship even after they got divorce because of their children. Another candidate for the empty spot was Kyle Richard's friend Faye Resnick and they want her on the cast. However, Resnick has no plans yet to make a comeback in the world of drama. The show is just too intense for her. According to a source close to the series reveals, "Faye doesn't want to go back to the show." Because "she says it is so nasty and she just doesn't need it." However, producers are trying to woe the housewife with a massive paycheck. This might help them to decide to comeback despite the fact that they are not happy with the job. And Faye knows this. Each housewife was making around $250,000 each. Though, working in an environment that you are not happy with is miserable, the price is right and that could change someone’s mind. Apparently, there are no reports on when the new season will start filming.
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