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Tori's married crisis is taking a toll on her figure - Tori's married life is on the rocks and it has affected Tori very deeply. Now, she would document it for the very first time on her new reality show.

Joana Krufa, 34 is a model that turns head whenever she is in a beach. Needless to say, she is beautiful and sexy at the same time. Her Figure can be compared to that of an hour glass. So, when she wore the black sleeveless crop top paired with a high-waisted orange and black skirt, her slender body makes her more appealing. However, that is not the case with reality TV star and mother-of-four Tori Spelling, 40, when she wore the same dress in a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Her frame was too thin and from the looks of it, stress has affected her during the past few months. Recently, the couple announced that they will be documenting their marriage crisis on the reality show. Though, she was able to flash a smile in front of the camera, the star was devastated with what is happening with her life. Tori standing still with her legs crossed and her hand on her waist, which makes her, appear even more slender. Tori's marriage is in trouble because of the rumor that her husband, Dean McDermot affair with a 28 year old girl, also his addiction with drugs. And now the former Beverly Hills 90201 star is going to document her marriage crisis in a new reality show that will be seen on Lifetime TV. Based on the press release, the six-episode series, entitled “True Tori”, is about the couple’s struggles with their married life and its crisis. The new reality show started its first filming on Monday – with the TV series about to be shown in just three weeks later, April 22. Lifetime TV contacted Tori when he was facing some problems with her married life. They asked her if is she brave enough to feature her story in the reality show. The show is about Tori, so viewers can expect that the latter will share her experience for the very first time. The couple is not new to reality show since they had done it before. In 2007, there was this reality television show called Tori & Dean: Inn Love, in which they document their adventure both in bed and while eating breakfast. The reality show had run for four years. Dean soon checked himself into a rehab facility for 'health and personal issues' at the start of this year. Apparently, he admitted taking drugs and was also cheating his wife.
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