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A University Alumnus Impresses the Panel of Judges - The panel of judges is not easy to impress as most of the judges comes a long way before they could get into where they are in now.

The panel of judges is not easy to impress as most of the judges comes a long way before they could get into where they are in now. Especially, if the panel of judges comes in the fashion industry, one could expect that it would be harder to impress them, but somehow University alumnus Anthony Ryan Auld has done the impossible every time he presents his creations to them. Auld just graduated last year, yet he has shown everyone that he could compete with the best in the fashion industry. So far the fashion icons such as Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were all impressed with every design he shares with them. At the moment, the alumnus designer pitted against 11 other contestants, who share the same interest in the fashion world. The show can be seen on Lifetime Television. Auld admitted that the show meant everything for him. It is all what he expected it to be. Auld had already tried to participate before during the eighth season, but did not get lucky that time. Auld claims that they learned to ask themselves with "What can you half-ass? What loopholes could you take?". While he always mentioned, that he improved his talent with the help of his school. He was doubted that the school was going to help him in his undertaking. However, despite being skeptical about the school, he pursues his education there since he got good vibes. He says if he manages to make a name for a small town, then he could easily make a name on any place. The curriculum was hard, but it hard prepared him for the challenges on “Project Runway”. He added that he manages to get more than, what he expected to get from the program. Lisa McRoberts, human ecology assistant professor, help him to prepare for the competition on Project Runway. McRoberts admitted that something would turn out good the moment that she met Auld. He got a talent in drawing and designing. Although still studying, Auld joined Hemline, an association for textiles, apparel design and merchandising students. At that time, he is in the junior year he takes charge of the group's fashion show. On one part of the interview, Auld noted that he had suffered from caner while attending the school back in 2008. During those times, he had to be treated with chemotherapy, but he never lets the cancer become a hindrance on his dream.
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