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Adele is going to perform at X Factor after coming from a surgery - Earlier this month, Adele promise to her fans that she is going to get well soon.

Earlier this month, Adele promise to her fans that she is going to get well soon. Some reports say that Adele is going to have a comeback next month. The Someone Like You singer is one of the few artist that are going to be performing at the ITV’s reality show, X Factor finale on December 11. The Suns claim that Adele is going to belt out her hits and perform with one of the finalists in front of 10,000 audience members at Wembley Arena. The singer would underwent surgery previously this month for a bleeding vocal chord. Her X Factor appearance is going to be her first right after recovering from the operation after just one month. The operation got carried out in the US by the same doctor who cured Steven Tyler for the same condition. The latest report mentioned that Adele got booked back in a February for the gig and even with the singer's continuing problems with her vocal chords and frequent cancelled concerts, her management plan on the gig happening. A spokesperson for the singer can not comment about the matter this morning. If she manages to perform on the X Factor finale, rumors believe that Adele will be joining other star acts Coldplay and Michael Bublé. It got reported yesterday that X Factor bosses hopes to get the best talents like Bublé, Coldplay, and Adele. Misha B's version of Adele's Rolling In The Deep, in week one of the live shows, went down a storm with both the judges and audience. Last week, Adele blog about her condition, she said that she is on her way to recovery. She thanked her supporters for their positive thoughts. Adele added that the operation was a success, and she is just staying in the hospital until she got the release paper form the doctors. The doctor, who performed the surgery on her was the same guy who did the same operation on Steven Tyler for the same condition. As Adele was so ill that she can not perform on live stage, she got forced to cancel all the tour dates and promotional appearances in the U.K and the U.S for the rest of the year because of her disease. According to the spokesman at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the celebrity had underwent vocal chord microsurgery in order to stop repeated bleeding from a benign polyp. The condition is usually instigated by volatile blood vessels in the vocal cord that can crack. The hospital added that Adele traveled to Boston so that she could undergo the surgery with Dr Steven Zeitels, director of the hospital's Voice Centre.
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