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Adriana Louise wowed the judges with her performance - On Wednesday night, Team Christinas Adriana Louise wowed the judges with her performance of Katy Perry Fireworks’.

On Wednesday night, Team Christina's Adriana Louise wowed the judges with her performance of Katy Perry’ Fireworks’. Adriana Louise, a 22-year-old waitress from Brooklyn, New York was the first one to perform that night. The waitress wore a sexy, tight-fitting dress she performed pop song Firework by Katy Perry 'You did a wonderful performance, you have a very beautiful voice, and you are a beautiful person. 'You did a great job,' said Cee Lo Green. Adam Levine added: 'You are so great, and that is a total bitch to sing that song with a lot of long notes, so that was an incredible job.' Country star Blake Shelton was also impressed, saying: 'I have never had a waitress like you, oh my God. 'Every time you get on the stage it is a big deal when you perform, and that is hard to do. You are taking big steps and gosh dang it I don't like it.' Finally, her team mentor Christina Aguilera said: 'What America sees and doesn't know is how sweet and genuine you truly are. 'I am really glad that Adam pointed it out about this song, it is really hard to do, and I'm not sure I would have been up for that challenge. You are amazing; you are a total star.' Team Cee Lo's Arkansas soul singer Cody Belew followed next wherein his performed his rendition of George Michael's 'One More Try.' 'It was a genius choice of song, brilliant song for you, a brilliant performance by you, and I believe; I am a believer man,' said Adam. Blake agreed to say: 'Cody you have become one of my favorites and my wife's favorites. That was your best performance yet.' Christina added: 'I am just so happy Cee Lo has kept you around; you are one of my favorites on the whole show. 'To watch you perform, I love it when people can put a big smile on my face. I loved it.' Cee Lo was very happy with the performance, he said: 'You matured and perfected that performance. You really blew me away. 'You did a great job and looked like a seasoned professional; I was just 'wow.'" Third up was Team Christina's Chicago-born church singer De'borah, who performed 'Who Knew' by Pink. The church singer sported skinny jeans, a jumper, shirt, bow-tie and pink glasses, and the energetic singer impressed the judges. 'There is nothing regular about you, there is only one De'borah. A voice is only as good as the soul pushing it, and you have all of that, you are so good,' Adam agreed. Blake said: 'Your singing is unbelievable and it always sneaks up on me. The way you move around on stage, if that was me I would have hyper-extended something.' And Christina praised her by saying: 'You are so real and so raw, you just command a stage. No one on this whole show can do it like De'borah can do it. 'I love the passion and heart, I want America to know that you are the real deal.' Both Diego Val and Devyn DeLoera managed to impress the judges with their song choices. Diego Val opted for Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias while Devyn DeLoera chose 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis. The next singer up was Team Cee Lo's pop singer MacKenzie Bourg, who sang 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. Cee Lo claimed that she could have done better if she chose another song. Blake and Christina were equally impressed with her singing prowess. Following Devyn came Team Cee Lo's bearded father of two Nicholas David, who sang 'My First, My Last, My Everything' by Barry White. All the judges were impressed, but it was Adam Levine who was deeply touched by the song and claimed that he couldn’t wait to have another baby because of the song. Next was Team Christina's Egyptian-born student Sylvia Yacoub, who performed her own version of The One That Got Away 'by Katy Perry on the piano. The judges agreed that Sylvia's performanced was one of the best yet. Following Sylvia was Team Christina's Yale dropout and former football star Dez Duron, who sang country song Wanted by Hunter Hayes. 'The good news is that the girls really love you. You have got a really great voice, you do,' said Adam. 'It was a different choice of song; I want to see you break out even more. You are a handsome dude, you shop at the same stores I do clearly, you have great taste.' Giving him a standing ovation, Christina said: 'Honestly, you nailed it. You did it spot on, great execution, to look like that, to shine like that and have that stage charisma, I mean you are the full package, you have it all.' The final performance of the night was from Team Cee Lo's New York City high school student Trevin Hunte, who sang 'How Am I Supposed to Live Without You' by Michael Bolton. 'You move me every time you get on stage, you have so much style, everything it takes to win,' said Blake. 'I second that, said Christina. "There is something so captivating about you, your presence and what you do is so special.' And Cee Lo added: 'I am speechless, you did a wonderful job, you are so accomplished, you have a talent that is unearthly and undeniable.' The audience will vote for two members of each five person team to go through, and the captain of each team will get to pick one more.
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