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Alesha Dixon displayed her peffect legs in public - From the time that Alesha Dixon had signed in with Britain Got Talent, she already upped her style.

From the time that Alesha Dixon had signed in with Britain Got Talent, she already upped her style. Now, the new judge of the ITV reality show fashion sense can not be stop from prospering. Earlier in the day, she stepped out in a stylish summery outfit while showing her beautiful legs. She sported a yellow Dianne Von Furstenberg mini-skirt, which she paired with a black lace blouse with white collar that details from French Connection. Underneath the lace was a nude camisole. To hide her camisole, she had a bright blue tailored Warehouse jacket. Presenter Eamonn Holmes was so delighted to see the former Misteeq singer. His attention was on the legs as he asked Alesha about them. Alesha was there so that she could promote her new show, BGT. She told Eamonn and Ruth about how it is to be a judge for a reality show. She must how to deal with different people since people are different in many ways. Of course, the reaction should be according to the situation or the person. She added that if it was a child who had walked right in front of her then she could be sensitive about it. If the person is arrogant, then that is the time to be more assertive. It is just a matter of knowing when to be assertive in situations. Last year, Alesha was with Strictly Come Dancing, but he got poached by Simon Cowell so that she could join the panel of judges. Now, that she is with Britain Got Talent, she could now come out of her shell since they have a different format. She admitted that judging contestants from Strictly is totally different from those of her new show, BGT. Strictly is more about Ballroom and Latin and has a lot of discipline regarding that area. 'And this is just a wide variety of entertainment, and you never know who is going to walk through the door – and that’s captures the beauty of the show.' The former Strictly judge had already bonded with one of the old judges of the ITV reality show. Alesha believed that the friendship they got in genuine. She added: 'She likes me, we get on so well. We’ve both got filthy laughs. She’s got a great sense of humour, and the banter on the panel has been brilliant. 'And even David said, "Is this normal?" because we all get on so well.'
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