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Amelia Lily cried because of Frankie Cocozza - Fans had Amelia Lily spotted at the X Factor studios over the weekend she was apparently supporting her former fellow contestants and rumored love interest Frankie Cocozza.

Fans had Amelia Lily spotted at the X Factor studios over the weekend she was apparently supporting her former fellow contestants and rumored love interest Frankie Cocozza. However, the evening was not as exciting as he thinks it is when she had gone on the date with Frankie Cocozza. She caught Frankie cheating on her with a pretty blonde girl. The X Factor naughty boy and Amelia, was among the first contestants eliminated in the ITV reality Talent reality TV show, spotted sneaking off to a hotel's underground car park at around 1am following the time that the two partied together with other stars such as Marcus Collins and The Risk's Charlie Healy. People see the two together as they emerge from the car park 45 minutes later and then later returned to the party. However, one visit to the car park clearly was not yet enough for 19-year-old Frankie, who got photographed talking with a blonde friend down to the same car park just an hour later. The two spent some time together over half an hour down there after they got spotted kissing passionately. However, news quickly travelled and has made its way to the ears of Amelia. Someone has taken a photographed of the young female singer sobbing that night. According to the Daily Star, Frankie seemed to be a cat the cream when he came up from the car park with the second girl. Amelia got upset upon knowing Frankie’s affair with the girl. At around 4:30 am someone had picked up the pretty singer. Before meeting up with Frankie again, Amelia’s description of Frankie was a lovely lad with a heart of gold. She adds that once that people get to know Frankie more than they would realize how beautiful the guy is both inside and out. Frankie's naughty boy antics came just two days following the time he stunned viewers on The Xtra Factor upon his revelation of how he had 'banged' Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan. Later on, he realizes that he should not have said those words on public. She quickly apologizes for what he had said. Other X Factor contestants Craig Colton and Marcus Collins got shocked upon hearing those words from Frankie, Caroline and Olly told Frankie that he can not say that. Frankie then turned to his Twitter account and apologized on his twitter page. He said that he was sorry for what he had said on Xtra Factor.
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