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American Horror Story - When it comes to the American Horror Story TV show, there were plenty of things that could have gone wrong.

American Horror Story When it comes to the American Horror Story TV show, there were plenty of things that could have gone wrong. Based on the plot that had been created here, the most likely thing to go wrong was certainly going to be the special effects. Surprisingly though, the effects that have been incorporated into the show (even though this is an extremely hard genre to break) are exceptional. The one thing to note is that they actually increase the quality of the viewing, rather than a lot of other shows, where the quality of the viewing is greatly decreased by the fact that they are so poor in terms of their effects. The American Horror Story was always going to be creepy, but realistic is something that a lot of people simply would not have expected, which is certainly a nice surprise. The reality is that a combination of emotions will be flowing throughout the film. These include things such as feeling deranged, weird, insecure and so much more. The producers have really done a good job when it comes to putting their point across. In fact, they have done it much better than the majority of people would ever of imagined. Like the majority of creepy horror stories, the American Horror Story is based on a family (that is not the average!) moving into a new house. Of course, the house is older than their current one and many have suggested that the house has a hidden past which involves plenty of shocking goings on! One thing is for sure, there is certainly plenty of action throughout the show. It includes the wife having a bloody still birth and even the daughter cutting herself. The reality is that this is certainly not going to be one for the faint hearted. The great thing about the American Horror Story is that they have lots of things going on. The show offers a great amount of uncertainty, which is helped along by the fact that many of the characters are really not likeable. That being said, the events that follow should certainly not be wished upon anyone, as they are more horrendous than the majority of people imagine. Overall, American Horror Story offers a new perspective on the average family horror story. It opens new doors, but at the same time, many are closed for the family that have got themselves involved.
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