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American Idol got a new rule - With competing shows like The Voice and X Factor USA gaining momentum, American Idol needs a way to keep things fresh.

With competing shows like The Voice and X Factor USA gaining momentum, American Idol needs a way to keep things fresh. Unfortunately, the Fox reality show has chosen in changing things up by encouraging contestants of their safety only to be removed later in the evening. Randy Jackson dropped this weighty bombshell to the surviving hopefuls after day one eliminations. He said it by warning the hopefuls that they could be dropped instantly if the panel saw someone better than the hopefuls. They need to make rooms for the cut, so they need to drop someone from the hopefuls. Though none of the contestants seemed all too concerned, they might have concerned a bit more had they known they had be usurped the following day. One of the most shocking of the safety-cut eliminations was handsome Floridian waiter Johnny Keyser. Johnny was considered as one of the favourites of the singer judge Jennifer Lopez. His strategy is to hang out by the poolside, unfortunately, for him that it does not work out this time. Other victims of this unhappy new Idol twist involved Schyler Dixon, whose brother Colton did move on to the next round, Candice Glover, Jairon Jackson, Gabi Carubba and Angie Ziederman. Single mother Britnee Kellogg got also cut, as was Jessica Phillips, who got mad when she got duped by the show's producers. The 26-year-old, who has put her life on hold so that she could care for her disabled boyfriend, ranted to the cameras about being an artist. She added that the show does not seem to look for real artist. However, there were some successful hopefuls who were happy. They are not certainly happy about the change, but they are glad that they are not the people to be cut out in the show. Chase Likens, Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine were given the go-ahead following their solid rendition of Dedicated to the One I Love. David Leathers Jr., Ariele Sprague and Jeremy Rosado had judges Lopez, Jackson and Steven Tyler chair dancing to their rendition of Rockin' Robin; Gabi Carrubba was also part of this team, but was among the unlucky ones as he was cut later. Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt and Shelby Tweten were all commended for their version of Great Balls of Fire. Angie Ziederman was not so lucky since she got cut on day two. Brielle Von Hugel got left as her other group mates got sent packing home when they sing their own rendition of Why Do Fools Fall In Love. She, Schyler Dixon and Molly Hunt all looked adorably vintage in their 50s-style bugle girl pin-up costumes. Steven Tyler has some unforgettable memories with the song.
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