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America's Got Talent contestant mingles with the crowd at Multifest - One of the contestants from the reality TV show Americas Got Talent got recognized as he mingles with the crowd during the Multifest.

One of the contestants from the reality TV show “America’s Got Talent" got recognized as he mingles with the crowd during the Multifest. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., 36 got spotted together with his family. Soon enough, some fans recognized and greeted Murphy. This has catches the attention of the festival planners, who brought him to the stage. America's Got Talent can be seen on NBC at 8 pm on Tuesdays and 9 pm on Wednesdays. Murphy known as a car washer on "America's Got Talent", but in reality, he is a head auto detailer. In July, Murphy was able to hit the high note when he sang several of Frank Sinatra’s song. His performance was unchanged since June. At his audition in June, he wore a blazer over a button-down white shirt with blue jeans, but manages to impress the judges when he began singing. He chose "Under My Skin" and immediately got the attention of the judges. Murphy did not want to be interviewed at the Multifest, so he told the photographer that he cannot share the experience that he has with “America’s Got Talent”. One fan admitted that she voted ten times, right after his performance on July 26. The fan also asked her friends to vote for his idol. Both the fans and the festival planners got shocked to find him there among them, but they are glad that he is among them. Some fans, who got their camera, took the chance to shoot a photo of Murphy. The fan, Cora Hairston is living near the area where Murphy lives. She sees him every day. She even jokes that she did not know Landau, but she knew his nickname, Doonie. She added that Murphy was in their house when they watched the show. Murphy is like a clown since he likes to make everybody laugh. One of Hairston favorite song is Prince's "Purple Rain. She would love him to sing that as Hairston knew that Murphy will make it even better the moment that he sings the song. The song is already beautiful, but when his friend, Donnie sings, it will get better. If America thinks that he is good enough for the show, then they have not seen the best of Donnie yet. Hairston claimed that Murphy was at her house when he watched himself on television for the first time. There was no way to describe the face of her friend. One thing that Hairston wishes for her friend is that Murphy would never change even if the whole world already knows him. He had worked his way to where he is right now, and it is his time to shine.
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