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Amy Childs is going to be richer this 2012 - Amy Childs career started with TOWIE, but her career ended on the reality show ended when she decided to join another reality show.

Amy Child’s career started with TOWIE, but her career ended on the reality show ended when she decided to join another reality show. The producers of TOWIE that Celebrity Big Brother would be a conflict of interest, so they let go of Childs so that the latter could pursue her dream. However, her success in 2011 is nothing compared to what Amy Childs hopes to achieve next year. Before going aboard on 2012, however, Amy decided in treating herself to a celebratory holiday in Spain with her brother Will. The 21-year-old redhead got a new show in her own Channel 5 reality show "It's All About Amy", got seen at the beach in a pretty pink and white polkadot bikini as she soaked up the sunshine and got pleasure from a cooling dip in the water. Aside from her curve-boosting, she also sports a huge pair of sunglasses, and did her best to keep her long red hair away from the water while messing around in the sea with her sibling. The former TOWIE star was relaxing in Spain early celebrating the New Year with friends and family. If recent reports are true, Amy has a lot to look forward to over the next 12 months. Since the star quitted TOWIE and had appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Amy has been named the new face of Ultimo boss Michelle Mone's Bra Queen range for Tesco, also releasing a fitness DVD and opening her own beauty salon in Brentwood, Essex, which takes her estimated earnings for 2011 to £1.5million. Yesterday, it was claimed that if Amy continues at the same rate of success in 2012, she could put together an astonishing £10million. According to The Sun: Their source claimed that if Amy could make money just like she is making now then she can keep reinventing herself like Katie Price. However, when got asked about her resolutions are for 2012, Amy took a modest aim. She noted that she is going to be calmed down on the fake tan. She started looking more natural, but Amy Childs' tan, from her salon, is good. The next TOWIE star that could make it big this year is her fellow Essex star Mark Wright, thought to have the capability in making himself £9million in 2012. The source added: 'Mark's earnings can hit £9million only if he knew how to use his charm. Mark should be clever enough and market himself quickly.
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