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Barbara Bermudo - Barbara Bermudo, born in Puerto Rico, is an Univision television network presenter.

Barbara Bermudo, born in Puerto Rico, is an Univision television network presenter. She has been the host of a popular show since she plummeted to fame back in 2002. She co-hosts the show First Impact that has continued to feature incisive and deeply Spanish news stories. The show has won her acclaim with both the critics and television audience across the United States and the Americas. Univision's Primer Impacto, her show, is aired on prime television in the United States twice a day. The other principal TV anchor on the show is Llia Calderon although the co-hosting role changes every weekend to new presenters with Barbara being the leading and uniting figure. Though the show had been running ten years earlier, when Barbara Bermudo appeared on the scene in 2002, she at once became the center of interest and won the program a transnational following across the borders of the United States in more than sixteen nations in Latin America. For this beautiful presenter, the television show is not her only limit in the showbiz world. She has participated in other TV programs that have been broadcast in English and Spanish. Some of these include The Night With Stars in which she was the host in the year 2005 and What You Didn't See in Lo Nuestro Awards, which she hosted in 2004, among others. Her showbiz shows where she has made a mark for herself include the show Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. She has also appeared before the movie camera when she played a television journalist in the film-comedy entitled Chasing Papi. The Spanish beauty has featured in other areas of the mass media including contributing and appearing in magazine features. She was once listed in 2007 in the Spanish equivalent of People Magazine as one of the eight of the 50 most beautiful people. This has earned her adoration in her home country Puerto Rico. Barbara Bermudo married husband Mario Andreas and between them they had their first child called Mia Andrea, born in May 15 2009. The two television stars from the same television studios were officially married on the 29th of November in 2008. Barbara Bermudo was born on 15th June 1975 in Guaynabo in Puerto Rico. Since her television career began back in 2002, she has featured in more than eleven high profile shows that have won her admiration from millions of TV viewers.
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