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BBC - It is a fact that the BBC is one of the largest and most famous news organizations in the whole world. Based in UK, this news organization has been broadcasting their news and other programmes for decades now, and they continue to come up with new items every time.

It is a fact that the BBC is one of the largest and most famous news organizations in the whole world. Based in UK, this news organization has been broadcasting their news and other programmes for decades now, and they continue to come up with new items every time. It is in fact worth noting that the BBC is funded by a television fee annually which is charged within the UK to households, companies, or any other organization that uses certain equipment for recording live TV broadcasts, or receiving them. The main goal of the BBC, and one that they have always tried to live up to over the years, is to provide public service broadcasting in and around the UK, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands. However, this is not to say that the BBC broadcasts here alone. The truth is that the BBC broadcasts in almost all countries in the globe, and in different languages. For example they have programs broadcast in African languages, Asian, and many more. But away from that, perhaps what has over the years distinguished BBC from other organizations is their ability to broadcast incidents that have just happened, and doing so in an impartial manner. In other words, whether a bomb has killed NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, or a gunman has gone on the rampage in an American school, or even an Israeli strike on Palestinian fighters, BBC is always among the first stations to broadcast the news. Breaking news is always broadcast in BBC, and even other stations airing them will often attribute their stories to BBC. Suffice it to note that the BBC was founded in the year 1922, and since then, they have grown to become one of the leading news stations in the world. It may sound funny or untrue, but the first BBC broadcast was made on 14th November, of the same year from a location in Marconi House in London. Furthermore, BBC is the only, or among the few stations that have adapted a court of arms which has a motto on it. The motto is “ Nation shall speak peace unto nation” This motto, which is the guide on which BBC broadcasts are hinged, is said to be as a show of respect to Montague John, who was a member of the board of governors of BBC when it was founded. Some also claim that the motto is derived from the book of Micah in the bible, in chapter 4:3 where it states that a nation shall not lift up sword against another nation. The BBC has thus always tried to give factual information, and one that is not inflammatory, seditious, or likely to stir public unrest without keeping any information to the public. Nowadays, BBC does broadcast through radio, TV, magazines, and even online. Besides, their news stories are always updated regularly as they happen, to ensure that viewers and listeners are in touch with latest stories. For example during the Israeli offensive in Gaza in 2009, was being aired by the BBC, and they were among the few news stations that had latest pictures being broadcast. Also during the funeral of the Princess Diana, and that was watched by millions over the world. BBC went ahead and broadcast the even from start to end, and many TV stations relayed the even as broadcast by BBC. These are but some of the few examples of how the BBC is the leading station in news coverage. Their aim is to bring the world to the UK and UK to the world. The BBC has numerous programmes, with topics ranging from global warming, to health issues, to child labor in Asia, or even art and performances. But one of the most successful BBC programs and one that has won numerous awards is the Eastenders. This programme was first broadcast in the year 1985, and has continued over the years thus emerging as being ranked as the most watched programme in the UK. The show is unique in that it is about residents living in Victorian times, and although it was initially screened twice a week, today 4 episodes of the show are broadcast weekly. The show has at times appeared among the week's top in the BARB ratings. It covers and tackles some of the taboos and controversial topics that one would usually miss in most of UK's mainstream TV stations. These include issues like disabilities, which affect many people in the society, but are not spoken about very much. The Eastenders show has won 6 BAFTA awards, and has been ranked the best soap for 10 consecutive years by the Inside Soap. With over 70 years broadcasting experience, the BBC is soaring to newer heights, and nowadays they have come up with programs targeting almost every member of the society, and age. One of these programmes is the African Network show, broadcast in Africa by BBC radio. The program covers some of the issues covering African countries, told by African journalists, and from an African perspective. This is just one of the ways used by the BBC to build trust for their stories, and people have come to rely on the BBC as an independent and impartial station. If they are doing a story in the Middle East or in Asia for example, they always try to get a native of that area and one who is conversant with it, to tell the story. Some few years back, a BBC correspondent was kidnapped while covering a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah and later released unharmed. This illustrates the fact that BBC is always ready to send its journalists to conflict zones, and get first hand information on the situation on the ground. One famous BBC journalist going by the name of Dan Damon, says that working with the BBC has exposed him to all sorts of situations, some dear, others dreadful. He says that he has survived being shot at, threatened with guns, and even survived shelling in conflict zones. All this in an effort to give the story as it should be, and as it is. Indeed, the BBC is unrivaled in terms of timeliness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in covering stories.
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