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Big Brother Luke S got angry when his best friend tricks him to win the money - Last Friday, Connor McIntyre walked away out fo the Big Brother with £50,000 at hand.

Last Friday, Connor McIntyre walked away out fo the Big Brother with £50,000 at hand. The Irishman convinced his best friend Luke S that he plans to reach the final above all else but when the opportunity came to take the money and run, he seized it rather than follow through on his original plan.  Following the time that Conor beat Luke to the buzzer, Luke was left furious and feeling betrayed and not even the free pass to the final could console him. ‘Lying b*****d!’ he screamed. ‘He lied to me! Lied to me! It’s a cruel, cruel world!’ He continued, ‘Conor wanted the final, I wanted to experience for what it is…he was telling me to press it. I’ve said all along I wanted to get to the final. I’m annoyed he contradicted himself.’   Luke continued: ‘I’m exhausted…excited I’m in the final but a bit upset. I’m sure it will change his life. I don’t know how to feel.’ ‘It’s not nice to walk in and Adam’s got a smirk on his face. He’s p*****d off I’ve got to the final! I’ve said from day one I wanted to get to the final. If I don’t win I will be remembered as the guy who could have won 50 grand. ‘I’m drained from the White Room, a sickening feeling. The other housemates can be frustrated at me as I’m in the final…I’ve still got Ashleigh…I don’t know, I don’t know. Why am I crying?’ Luke noted that they were friends The other housemates shared their opinion on what had happened. Scott said, ‘I think Luke will make it in life’ while Sara added ‘He hasn’t lost anything…I wouldn’t press the button.’ Scott also added ‘I didn’t think Conor would take the money. That’s naughty. I don’t think he did the right thing, it wasn’t very honourable.’ Ashleigh tried her best to comfort interest Luke and said: ‘I thought you was going to take it…I haven’t seen you in ages.’ Luke S could only say: ‘I’m exhausted! I think I’m too nice sometimes. I’ve never had 50 grand. If I win it this way now it will make it extra special.'  Deana was laughing privately and said: ‘Conor has always stated that he’s openly cared about himself and here to win. I thought they would both try and take the money. In the end Conor f****d him over, I’m not surprised at all, quite entertaining to watch!’
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