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Cartoon Network - This happens to be a name which can be associated with a number of channels worldwide, and these are a creation of Turner broadcasting.

This happens to be a name which can be associated with a number of channels worldwide, and these are a creation of Turner broadcasting. Turner is known to have been initially good at showing animated programming, but the trend eventually changed. The American network used to be the original one, and it began broadcasting on the 1st of October 1992. Other than the American network, there are different other international feeds for the same. Bugs Bunny and Rhapsody rabbit were the first programs to be aired by Cartoon Network. Initially, this network used to be a twenty four cartoon channel, but recent developments have seen it share some space with an adult programming block known as Adult Swim. The 1992 creation of Cartoon Network served as the creation of a network which served as a library for a considerable amount of animation owned by Turner. Note that since its inception, the channel is broadcasting on twenty four hour basis. It was not until June 1998 that Cartoon Network received its makeover, referred to as Powerhouse. Previously, the channel relied heavily on a checkerboard theme, and with it were some bumpers associated with the cartoon logo. Back then, most of the short cartoons were aired in packages of half an hour, but in some cases the packages would even last for an hour. It was not until 1994 that Cartoon Network was founded, and it started the production of some short series cartoons which premiered in 1995. There was the introduction of a program which was aimed at increasing the ideas for cartoon production, besides helping Cartoon Network expand its exclusive programming library. There were the likes of Dexter's laboratory, Mike, Lu and Og, Cow and chicken, Power Puff girls, Johny Bravo and Courage The Cowardly Dog, which premiered on Cartoon Network as its original cartoons. The year nineteen ninety six marked a turn for Cartoon Network, and it saw them merge with Time Warner, something that saw Cartoon Network change into becoming the former's exclusive TV home of their animated library. In other words, Cartoon Network assumed the role of Warner bros home of animation. It was not until 1997 that Cartoon Network programming became available in Canada and France. This happens to be quite a phenomenal year for Cartoon Network, considering that it was in July the same year that it launched its powerhouse theme, which went on to be used until June 2004. The new theme was inclusive of some bumpers which had the characters of most of the cartoons which it aired. The backgrounds had multiple color variations, while other parts had some animated segments. There was also a music theme, which was removed in 2004. The network underwent tremendous changes in June 2004, and this was after it updated its logo, this time round having a female voice announcing the network. However, she was quickly taken off the air just as she had appeared, and nothing of the sort has ever been heard of again. Rescue heroes became the first ever program to be aired on the re-launched Cartoon Network. By this time almost their entire cartoon programming which was considered classic was relocated to Boomerang, which is its sister network. This move was aimed at making sure that there was way created for new programming. Worth noting is the fact that in as much as new programming was set to hit the airwaves, there were some few classics such as Tom and Jerry which were left behind. The following year was described as Cartoon Network's golden age, and this can be attributed to the fact that it was the same year when as much as twenty new shows, each with new episodes were introduced. It was the same year that commercials were introduced on a daily basis, and this greatly promoted the network. As the historic transformation took place, Cartoon Network eventually took off some of the shows, and even abandoned the old school look it had carried on with the entire time since its inception. Since 2007, Cartoon Network has been known to air 40 episodes of Goosebumps, and it is not known whether or not the network will maintain the show permanently. In April the following year, a sign off type of bumper was introduced, and it depicted a child's activities all the way from morning till evening. This was the new way through which adult swim was introduced. Previously, there used to be no form of ratings for all of the programs which used to be aired on Cartoon Network, but the trend has changed, and nowadays there are always some ratings such as PG which appear before programs start. In June 2009, a programming block referred to as CN Real was introduced, and this involved blocks of live reality shows. There have also been some sporting shows which have gone on air in Cartoon Network, but they did not last long. Boomerang used to be originally Cartoon Network's programming block, and it was aimed at the baby boomers generation. This program used to be aired for four hours each weekend, but the airing time was eventually drastically reduced, such that it now airs for two hours each weekend. In October 2007, Cartoon Network upgraded its network, and the result was the provision of high definition content. This high definition channel is available from all satellite service providers, but worth noting is the fact that actual high definition remains limited to newer programs which happen to be quite few. Lovers of Cartoon Network products are nowadays treated to some of the most recent forms of technological advancements, and this is evident from the newer types of cartoons which have been introduced. There are some 3D and animation types of cartoons which were introduced, and they happen to represent the current generation of cartoon making. Weekends happen to be the time when most of the classics are aired, and the timing happens to be appropriate, considering that it is this time when most of those who used to watch cartoons when they were in their classic form are available.
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