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Charlie Gaddy - Charlie Gaddy was a host to the Good Morning Charlie show at WRAL-TV in 1970 when he was his 30's.

Charlie Gaddy was a host to the Good Morning Charlie show at WRAL-TV in 1970 when he was his 30's. He was a television anchorman for WRAL-TV where he anchored evening news for more than twenty years. He retired in 1994. WRAL-TV virtual 5 is a television station in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is co-owned with radio stations WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM and Fox affiliate WRAZ. After hosting the Good morning Charlie four years later Gaddy joined the Action News 5 ream with Bobbie Battista, Bob DeBardelaben and Rich Brenner. When Battista stepped down in 1981 Gaddy anchored alone until Adele Arakwa joined in 1983. Gaddy reported the North Carolina Tornado tragedy and Adele Arakwa left for WBBM-TV on the same day. On July 1, 1994 Gaddy retired from WRAL-TV after 24 years in the station. In 2006 he joined a reunion news cast with Battista, DeBardelaben and Tom Suiter though he has appeared in wrallistens. Charlie was born in Roxboro, North Carolina in 1931 and moved to Raleigh where he joined WRAL-TV in 1970. He is an American origin. Some of the biggest stories he ever covered were the Tornado that ripped into Raleigh the night of November 26 1988. This killed two while leaving many homeless. He took a personal interest as senior editor in training reporter sand producers and demanding that they report accurate information all the time. He has been inducted into the North Carolina Broadcasters Hall of fame. He is a graduate of Guild College and a recipient of the Silver Circle Award presented by the National Academy of television, arts and sciences. In 1994, Pembroke State University presented Gaddy with an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Since his retirement he has featured and dedicated his time to community work as a volunteer for the United Cerebral palsy of North Carolina since his station involved him in annual fund raising telethons. He has had the center that takes children from infancy to 5 years old who have challenges named after him. The center is located in Chapanoke Drive in Raleigh. He is past vice-chair of the Duke Center advisory board where his interest is in medical facility that is dedicated towards saving the sight of children and adults. Though he retired in 1994 he continues to indulge himself in community projects, fishing and spends most of his time writing. He enjoys the time with his wife Nancy. People liked him because they claimed what you see is what you get from Gaddy.
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