Connie Chung

Background and Career on Connie Chung

Constance Yu-Hwa "Connie" Chung Povich or simply known as Connie Chung is an American journalist who has reported for several American TV News networks.

Chung famous work

Some of her famous works includes the controversy interview with Kathleen Gingrich and the Oklahoma City bombing interview with the city fire department spokesman.

Connie Chung's background

She is the last born of a family of ten and was born and raised in D.C. only her and her 4 sisters are still there. She went to Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland, Silver Spring were she graduated from. She then went to university of Maryland, college park in 1969 where she did a course in journalism and got a degree on the course. She fell in love with the talk show star Maury Povich and they got married in 1984. Upon getting married to Povich Connie Chung converted to Judaism. In hope of getting pregnant she announced that she was going to reducing her work load in 1991. And this was successful after she and his husband were blessed with a son they called jay Povich.

Her journalism career

Chung has worked for varies network like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS. Just like many other great reporters she started as a Washington D.C based correspondent for the CBS "Evening News" working together with Walter Cronkite. This was in the early 1970's when the Watergate political scandal was the hot news. She later left for the Los Angeles to KCBS which was known as KNXT that is owned and operated by CBS. During her tenure years she also anchored for the CBS News briefs from the KNXT studios at the Columbia Square.

When NBC came up with a new program 'NBC News at Sunrise' she returned to NBC. She then became the co-host of the NBC new show called American Almanac where she worked along side Roger Mudd. Chung left NBC for CBS where she was given the opportunity to host her own show called 'Saturday Night with Connie Chung'. In 1993 she became the second woman to co-anchor big network nationwide news broadcast after Barbara Walters. While still hosting the CBS evening news Chung also hosted another project on CBS called Eye to Eye with Connie Chung. However her co-anchoring stint with Dan Rather failed and Chung was forced to move to ABC News. There she co-hosted the Monday version of 20/20 with Charles Gibson.
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