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Happy Endings - Happy endings is something fresh and unique in the world of TV series.

Happy endings is something fresh and unique in the world of TV series. Nowadays, our TV screens are filled with crime dramas, which tend to be much of the same. This is certainly not the case with Happy Endings though. The script is based on a unique couple, who end up getting married. Of course, like marriages, they break up. The difference is, they actually break up on their wedding day. Not only this though, there is a small twist; they force their friends and family to choose sides, rather than moving on with their lives like most couples tend to. The response from viewers of Happy Endings has been absolutely superb since the beginning. This is partly due to the fact that the production team have managed to create a program that is suited to a huge target audience, rather than a specific group. The delivery of the overall production is great. In particular, the development of the characters and the plots as the episodes progress means that this is one drama that viewers simply can not afford to miss. The best thing about the whole thing is that it is actually extremely funny throughout, with comparables being the likes of Community and 30 Rock. One thing that needs to be said is that the pilot episode of Happy Endings is really not a true justification of exactly how good the show really is. Instead of being funny, witty and extremely complex like the rest of the episodes, it is actually fairly bland. It seems like the producers of the Happy Endings TV series were being extremely cautious with this episode, which was an extremely risky mood. They risked loosing all the viewers that love the show today. For this reason, watch at least two to three episodes before deciding whether or not this is really the right show for you. There are lots of shows that can be compared with Happy Endings. For those that enjoy shows such as Community, 30 Rock and even Modern Family, this is likely to be a show that you would really enjoy and therefore, it is certainly worth watching. That being said, a lot of people tend to compare it with shows such as friends. Even though there are three main male characters and three main female characters, it is still hard to see how people have managed to make the connection.
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