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Howard Cosell - Howard Cosell was a legendary American sports journalist, who actually made sports speak.

Howard Cosell Howard Cosell was a legendary American sports journalist, who actually made sports speak. A lawyer by profession but a sports journalist by choice, Howard Williams Cosell was born on 25th March, 1918. Cosell died in the year 1995 due to heart embolism. For Howard, Jackie Robinson was the major source of inspiration. He took birth in North Carolina but grew up in Brooklyn. Very early in his life his parents, mother Nellie and father Isidore, made it very clear to him that they want him to be a lawyer later in his life. For achieving the same goal, he first graduated in English from New York University. After getting his degree in English, he joined School of Law in University of New York, for earning his degree in law. In the year 1941, Cosell joined the state bar of New York. When United States of America joined the World War 2, he joined the Army Transportation Corp of US. In Transportation Corp. Cosell was quickly promoted to the grade of Major. At that point of time, Cosell was the youngest cadet to become a major. Soon after conclusion of the world war, Cosell decided to practice law. Chiefly in Union law, Cosell started to practice law. He chose Manhattan to practice his services. Among the list of his clients were very famous actors and sportsperson. Willey May was one among the most famous clients who used to consult Howard Cosell for legal matters. Soon, Howard realized that his true calling in life is not law, but sports hosting and commentary. He realized this when after hosting the Little League for over 3 years; he decided to leave Law for once and for all. He decided that he want to pursue broadcasting as her career and not law. He was asked by Robert Pauley to get sponsorship if he wanted a show weekly on ABC Radio. He surprised Pauley by getting sponsorship from his relative and Pauley gave him a show. This is how exactly sports started speaking when Cosell made broadcasting his career. Even when he became a prominent personality on television, he never stopped working on radio, from where he actually started off. His popularity reached zenith when he covered Muhammad Ali. Cosell was famous for narrating the facts 'As it is like'. His sense of style and facets actually changed the entire sports broadcasting industry. Unlike other reporters, Howard always involved a bit of intellectual in his commentary and thus was able to give his personal analysis on the game instantly. Executive producer of ABC (Sports), in the year 1970, hired Cosell for the commentary of Monday Night Football. Not just Monday night football, Howard was a also a part when ABC was reporting Olympics. Cosells lend his voice in many sports related shows on ABC from time to time. His colorful aura and idiosyncratic voice, is known and admired till date. He got married in the year 1944 to Marry Abrams. His wife died in the year 1990 and Howard after the demise of his beloved wife, was seen only a few times in public. After 4 years, in 1995 Cosell also died due to heart embolism.
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