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Hugh Downs - Hugh Downs is one of the most successful journalists who worked for ABC and NBC.

Hugh Downs is one of the most successful journalists who worked for ABC and NBC. His full names are Hugh Malcolm Downs. He was born on February the 14th 1921 in Akron. He is married and has two children. He has worked as a radio and television broadcaster, producer, actor and a writer. He retired from the broadcasting world in 1999. He worked as the co-anchor for a prime time news magazine program in ABC News known as 20/20 that aired weekly. Other than this he also worked as a field reporter where he went to get news features for 20/20 and side view important personalities. His favorite topics of interest were medicine and science, aging, adventure, family and fine arts. Downs also provided commentary for various reports for the program 20/20. One of the most recent and interesting story that he has ever done was on the total solar eclipse. He reported this as it was seen from South America. This was very important as it appeared to help the human race solve its problems such as obesity, the rights of chimpanzees being used for medical tests and dangers of visiting another country when you do not know their by laws. Downs’ love for adventure led him to report a number of acclaimed travel and adventure stories around the world. For the tenth anniversary of 20/20 he has a special segment in the show where he had a two hour retrospective program, this also marked his 17 years in the broadcast industry. On one of his adventure segments he dived into a cage off the coast of Australia to report on the great white shark. He also reported on one of the most amazing medical marvels where vitamin A therapy was used to cure nutritional blindness in children. He also reported on human interest stories and in 1990 he had a one hour show in ABC News which mainly focused on the dangerous illnesses that affect millions of Americans every year. He went further to show how the disease can be treated and how the patients and their families can deal with it. He was given the Robert L. Robinson award for this feature by the American Psychiatric Association. Down had a successful career in both radio and television as a reporter, interviewer, host, newscaster and narrator. One of his greatest achievements is being recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the most extraordinary number of hours on network commercial television.
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