Judd Hambrick

Judd Hambrick was born in 1945 in Oklahoma but he was brought up in Texas. He began his career in the radio industry in 1961 and later joined television and his first job as an anchor was with KTBC-TV which was based in Austin Texas. He is considered to be one of the pioneers in the industry and has been an anchor in various TV stations across the country.

In 1972, Judd Hambrick moved to Philadelphia and worked for WCAU-TV as a co-anchor for the station's evening program. John Facenda was his co-anchor for this news program. He worked at the station for a year and then moved to Cleveland Ohio in 1977 where he worked as an anchor for WJKW-TV's evening news. While working at this station, Judd Hambrick won an Emmy in 1979 for the best newscast and the program became one of the best in the area. He left the station in 1981 and started working for WKYC-TV which was a rival station and was an evening newscaster at the station until 1985.

Judd Hambrick took some time off from news anchoring and started some business ventures in Chicago and New York City. He enjoyed doing crossword puzzles and he also wrote several books about Scrabble. Most of the puzzles that he came up with were included in various newspapers across the country.

After his five year break away from TV anchoring, he started working for KTUL-TV which was based in Tulsa during the early 90s. He then moved to Cleveland and worked for WKYC-TV between 1993 and 1999. After this stint, at WKYC-TV he retired from TV anchoring. The other areas that he worked in included Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Memphis.

He is a younger brother to John Hambrick who is now a retired news anchor. His brother was also a news anchor in Cleveland, Miami and New York between 1967 and 1975. Their younger brother Mike Hambrick also worked in the TV industry in various areas including Washington DC, Baltimore, Phoenix and Pittsburgh. A nephew of his also joined the industry and became a news reporter and he now makes documentary films.

This former news anchor is now retired and has taken up various business ventures. After his retirement from the TV industry, he decided to settle down with his wife in Alabama.
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