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Mark Wright sported a bizarre clothing in Tinseltown - When Mark Wright was first introduced on the hit ITV2 reality show, he says that the home county is like the -LA of England-.

When Mark Wright was first introduced on the hit ITV2 reality show, he says that the home county is like the 'LA of England'. However, no one thinks that the same stud would wear something bizarre on the street of Tinseltown. Currently, Mark shooting his new reality TV show in LA, the 25-year-old stood out from the crowd in his signature dapper-meets-casual Essex style. From the looks of it, Wright was not sure what to wear that day since his loath are not appropriate for summer or autumn in his tight white shorts and clingy blue sweater, which he teamed with a pair of brown tasselled loafers. Perhaps, he can be compared to Keeping Up With The Kardashian's Scott Disick, who has a penchant for knitwear and loafers. Luckily for him that he was not the only one who got dressed that way on that day since one of his friends also wearing shirt shorts and loafers as the group filmed scenes for Mark's new ITV2 show Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights. They got accompanied by a mystery blonde companion - sporting a pair of denim shorts and cowboy boots - presumably a member of Mark's production team. He tweeted: 'On the way to Rodeo Drive with the crew for some shopping and filming for #markwrightshollywoodnights june 3rd itv2 10pm.' Before his shopping trip to The Grove and Rodeo Drive, he also checked out some girls' volleyball. Mark wrote on Twitter: 'A nice day on the beach with the USA girls volleyball team. It was hot 2day in many ways haha.' Mark was already in LA since last week, along with some of some of his best friends from back in Essex - DJ Nick Da Funk, Tommy Smith, his cousin Georgie Wright and his manager Neil Dobias. Despite having a bad reputation as a lothario, Mark recently insisted he doesn't do one-night stands relationship any more. His most recent relationship was with Sam Faiers last December, but they broke up during an episode in Series 3. Sam complained that she could not trust him. Now he claimed that whenever, he goes outside as he does not look at girls anymore. Mark added that when he was younger, he got a lot of short term relationship, but now that he is older, he does not do that anymore. 'It doesn't really appeal to me. I don't see the interest in going home with random girls and waking up the next morning with a girl you don't know.''
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