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Revenge - Revenge is something a bit different for once and is not the average love story.

Revenge Revenge is something a bit different for once and is not the average love story. The idea behind the new TV series, Revenge, is that a young women who has had her family destroyed. She manages to work her way into a local community and is welcomed there with open arms. Of course, the community is unaware that the only reason she is there is to take revenge on the people that destroyed the connection that their family really had. This tense new TV series has already managed to obtain some rave reviews, and it is easy to see why! After reading the plot of Revenge, many people are really unsure of the target audience that Revenge is aiming for. That being said, after watching a couple of episodes, it is easy to see why that does not really matter. The story line is unique, yet mature and the characters throughout the series are extremely high quality and easy to believe in. The problem with Revenge is that whilst it has had some good reviews, it has also had some bad ones, which are probably unjustified. For people to really connect with the new TV series, they need to understand the characters. In order to understand, they need to relate and therefore, if they have not met people that are similar, or are in a similar position, then it might be that Revenge does not have the same impact in the long run. The reality is that this is not the average romance, it is more of a dark thriller that is likely to keep every viewer on the edge of their seat! Revenge is written extremely well. As the episodes develop, viewers perception of what is going to happen will change and then change again. The great thing about TV series like this is that they are not predictable and a lot of viewers end up second guessing themselves, which can really add to the tension. One thing to consider is whether or not the women is a deranged socio-path that is likely to do everything she set about, or whether or not she will suddenly make connections with people and then change her mind about what they are really like. Overall, Revenge is extremely good in terms of viewer experience. The directors have managed to employ a great script but at the same time, have managed to choose the right actors for the right positions in the show, which makes it that bit more special.
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