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Revenge - Revenge airs on Seven and stars Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. This early American TV primetime soap opera made its debut on ABC on September 21st in 2011.

Revenge airs on Seven and stars Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. This early American TV primetime soap opera made its debut on ABC on September 21st in 2011. It met with favorable reviews and earned a score of 8.3 out of 10 from the 33,349 users found in the Internet Movie database. It also received a 66 out of 100 score from a total of 20 media reviews posted on Metacritic. The Storyline Emily Thorne (portrayed by Emily VanCamp) moves to the Hamptons. She rents the home next to the Graysons for enjoying the Summer, but it is soon revealed that Emily had been there before as a child. Her true identity as it turns out is Amanda Clarke. Her father had been framed for a crime and was doing life in prison. She is permanently separated from her father and never did see him again. Now, here she is back in the Hamptons once again, and dead set on avenging her father. She has put Victoria Grayson on the top of the list of suspects. Victoria is played by Madeleine Stowe and is the matriarch of the Graysons. She is also the woman Emily's father had loved and eventually betrayed him. Emily wants to take revenge on the whole lot of them. While putting her plans into action she tries to inject herself into upper society to get at the ones who betrayed her lost father. However, the further she takes things the more she gets involved emotionally and the more she begins to question herself and her own motives and the things she does. Cast And Setup Conrad Grayson - Played by Henry Czerny. He is the former boss of David Clarke and the current Grayson Global CEO. He is also the husband of Victoria and the father of Charlotte and Daniel (he is not the biological father of Charlotte). Conrad was mixed up in a money laundering scheme for the cause of the Americon Initiative. They used that money to launch a terrorist attack resulting in a plane being brought down. When this disaster was over Conrad worked along with Frank and the reluctant Victoria on a scheme to frame Victoria's lover who was David Clarke. David had participated in an affair with Victoria's very best friend Lydia which only served to increase the strain on their relationship and eventually ends up in divorce proceedings. Conrad is very close to his daughter and is totally devastated when DNA testing reveals he is not her biological father. Gabriel Mann plays Nolan Ross who is a genius in the areas of computer hacking and inventing software. He is a trusted ally for Emily to use in plotting her revenge. All his success and wealth he owes to David Clarke. It was David who invested his own money in support of Nolan and his company. In his gratefulness to David, Nolan makes him an offer to help out his daughter. The daughter does not trust him right away but over time comes to accept him into the plotting for revenge. Nolan is totally supportive of Emily and often will give advice when he feels she needs it. Nolan readily helps Emily upon being asked. He does things for her like sending anonymous emails and hacking into cell phones and computers. Nolan is actually a bi-sexual and was involved in a relationship with Marco who is Nolcorp's former CEO. He is involved in several affairs. Another is with Tyler Barrol during their 1st season and then with Padma Lahari during the 2nd season.
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