Sade Baderinwa

Sade Baderinwa is an award winning news anchor currently working for New York's WABC channel 7 co-anchoring the 5pm eyewitness news with Diana Williams .Sade was born Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa on April 14 1969 but later on adopted the name Sade for her professional career.

Early life

Sade was born to a Nigerian Father and German mother in Baltimore. When she was only seven years old her father left the family and went to Africa and never came back. She went to live with Edie House, whom she calls mum up to this day. Edie House's family treated little Sade just as their own.

Sade attended elementary school at cathedral of Mary Our Queen. At 12 years Sade was able to get reunited with her mother whom at the time had other children.

Education and career

Sade attended the university of Maryland College Park and graduated after completing her studies in international business .After graduating from college Sade got a job working as a production assistant for This week with David Brinkley ,Nightline, news at one, world news tonight, all at ABC News. With a business background it was while working at WUSA-TV in Washington D.C that she developed her love for journalism. She worked as a reporter trainee for several months before WSLS in Roanoke Virginia where she worked for close to two years. She later returned to her home town in Mary land and joined WBAL-TV as a news anchor as well as hosting a weekly community affairs show called 11 TV Hill which looked at breaking news stories both local and international .She anchored the news for close to three years before making the big switch from her home town of Baltimore Mary Land this time to New York.
Before moving to New York there were countless allegations that she had been involved in an affair with the mayor of the city of Baltimore Martin J.O'Malley.

Sade Joined WABC in 2003 starting out as a noon news anchor while also reporting for the evening shows. She worked at that post for only six months and was duly promoted to anchoring the popular 5 o'clock news.

On July 23rd 2004 a s she prepared to go on air on location in Hackensack New jersey where she was covering a major flood that had hit the area a motorist who went through police lines run over her and drove off. She was rushed to hospital and after many surgeries and months of rehabilitation and therapy she was able to go back on air.

Following her near death experience she has started a campaign advocating for safer road use.
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