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Sons of Anarchy - The American TV series the 'Sons of Anarchy' (Showcase/Foxtel) is a drama show. Its creator is Kurt Sutter.

The American TV series the 'Sons of Anarchy' (Showcase/Foxtel) is a drama show. Its creator is Kurt Sutter. In this drama there is an outlaw motorcycle club with very close-knit and loyal members. They operate in a fictional town they call 'Charming' located in the Central Valley in California. The protagonist for this series in Jackson Jax Teller who is portrayed by Charlie Hunnam. He is vice-president of this rowdy club and begins to question various aspects of the club and even himself. This story is the life story of a family living in Charming. They are the 'Teller-Morrow' family. It also revolves around various other members of the club (SAMCRO - Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club) and their rival gangs and allies. It reveals their many associates and the different law enforcement agencies that work to undermine their efforts in regard to both legal and illegal activities. Kurt Sutter (the series creator) writes and directs the program. He has been involved in directing every season all the way up to the finale. Sutter previously held the position of executive producer for another FX series called 'The Shield'. The executive producers for that particular series are John Linson and Art Linson, a 'father and son' team. During the first season only they also enjoyed the talents of Jim Parriott as an additional executive producer. With this series Sutter drew in some of the regular directors over from the series 'The Shield'. This included Billy Gierhart, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Stephen Kay, and Guy Ferland. Another executive producer was added to work on season four who was Paris Barclay. He was an irregular addition to the staff directing episodes here and there. SOA (Sons of Anarchy) is a club full of outlaw motorcycle members that has spread out across the United States as well as overseas with numerous charters. The TV show focuses on the original founding chapter which is the SOA Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original. (SAMCRO). The nickname Sam Crow (SAMCRO) is shown in the show's original title which was 'Forever Sam Crow'. The headquarters in Charming is where the Redwood Chapter meets. The Teller-Morrow garage and mechanics shop is adjacent to the clubhouse. The club is led by their president Mr. Clay Morrow, and later on Jax Teller. They protect and control the town of Charming through their close community relationships as well as some strong-arm tactics involving violent intimidation and bribery. In the earlier seasons they seemed to be adamant about keeping out drug dealers and hard drugs from Charming. The club members also inject themselves into the community by working day jobs for some of the local industries. A large portion of them work as mechanics for the Teller-Morrow garage, but mainly they get their money by importing illegal weapons, then modifying them, and then selling those weapons to various other gangs. The series kicks off with the SAMCRO warehouse (the place they assembled their guns) being torched. A Rival gang (the Mayans) rip off their guns. The police (who are on SAMCRO's payroll) show up at the scene and find two illegal immigrants who are dead. While this is going on Wendy (the meth-addicted wife of Jax) who is pregnant suddenly collapses. That calls for an emergency C-section that causes the baby to be born 10 weeks prematurely. The continuity of the show is rooted in Jax and how he struggles with the club and the direction it takes. There are individual battles and dramas that go on like custody of the new child and death threats. Murders that are hard to prove are committed and the whole show is reminiscent of what you might see in a typical mob-type movie.
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