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Spike TV - Spike is a cable and satellite TV network which broadcasts both syndicated and original programs. This network is part of the MTV network and is a subsidiary of Viacom.

Spike is a cable and satellite TV network which broadcasts both syndicated and original programs. This network is part of the MTV network and is a subsidiary of Viacom. It is mostly a male station as its target audience is males aged between 18 and 34 years. Once in a year the station usually has an award show that is known as “guy’s choice award”. In 2010 the award show is set for June 20th at 10.00pm it also has another award known as Spike TV Video game awards. This station was formerly known as TNN and was launched in March 7, 1983. It later changed its name to Spike TV in 2003. It broadcasts to around 96 million homes in United States and its headquarters are found in New York. There are some shows that are played on this station which are exclusively for men such as MANanswers, 1000 ways to die, real cops uncut and super Dave's spike. Other than this it has sporting action which includes UFC fighting matches and TNA wrestling matches. If you are an auto fanatic or a fan of gearheads the station has several shows for you such as muscle car, trucks and PowerblockTV. The network also introduced a late night show known as “Half Pint Brawlers” that features little wrestlers that was the source of so much controversy. Spike TV also airs re- runs of interesting television shows such as Entourage, Crime Scene Investigation and Married with children. The station also has full length movies which are mostly action like Predator and Gone in 60 seconds. Every Thursday the station airs a program that is known as TNA IMPACT. This is a wrestling show that features legendary fighters like Jeff Hardy and upcoming stars in the wrestling world. The show is recorded in Florida but it has tours where fans get to see their favorite fighters in person. The network has an official website that is This is a place where you can get to watch the station online. Here you can also watch recap of shows and watch the latest videos. The site is also dedicated to men as it has UFC videos, the latest movies, games and the latest sports and music news. Ladies are not left out on the site as there is a whole section that is dedicated to “girls”. The site also has a list of all the programs that the station has and the times that they air. The spike video games awards happen every year and are known as VGA's. The awards were first held in 2003 and are usually held in different locations. In 2009 the awards show was held in Los Angeles. There are different categories of awards that are found in the VGA's which are: game of year and studio of the year. There are also specific awards for games such as Ps3, x Box, shooting and fighting games among others. The styles of production of the games are also awarded where you will find awards for games with the best graphics and sound. The VGA's air on spike and they feature special guests and performances. Spike TV is the authoritative home to all the programs that are related to the Ultimate Fighting championship (UFC). They air all the competitions but exclude the pay per view competitions. They air all the prime time events as well as any specials such as the countdown, the best of pride and the marathons such as the UFC unleashed. The “Guys choice Awards” is a unique award show where the fans get to vote for their favorite stars. Some of the categories that are found here are the “biggest ass kicker” and “hotter than hell. There are around 14 awards each year in this show. In 2010 Some of the actors who were up for the biggest ass kicker are Jack Bauer from the series 24 and Perseus. Sherlock homes and Iron man are up for the deadliest warrior award while Saldana Zoe and Jessica Biel are competing for the Holy grail of hot award. One can also find Spike's television shows on Amazon if you want to buy the programs. Depending on the program you want prices range from $2 to $50. Other than sports and fighting programs Spike's online television features celebrities where they have the latest news on the celebrities. Here you will get to know about the lives of your favorite celebrity such as who is going out with whom and who is in the latest movie or has the latest music album. You can be getting updates on the latest happenings on by signing up for their newsletter. This is very simple as all you have to do is give out your email addresses and you will be receiving them. This also allows you to have exclusive access to clips from spike TV shows. On January 2006 fresh baked video games were introduced on Spike TV. This was a short lived video game review which had many comedy sketches, cartoons and pranks. This has a famous section that was known as “a free video game for a shot to the nuts.” This is a section where fans volunteered to take a strike at their balls to get a free video game. There were two potions on how they would be struck which was a sack of nickels or a female soccer player. Spike TV is dedicated to programming various star trek materials to varying degrees. It has aired several star trek shows which include the next generation, deep space nine and voyager. They promoted this material so much that they were called “Star Trek channel”. This was at a time where they had eight hours of programming that was dedicated to star trek franchise. The station also shows a variety of live sports games. For instance in 2009 they showed the rugby league semifinals and they also aired the finals as David Niu was trying to bring professional rugby to USA. They also have contests where they look for untapped talent from channels which have not been tested.
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