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Terra Nova - Terra Nova is a well known TV show, one that a lot of people expected to be one of the most popular of all time.

Terra Nova Terra Nova is a well known TV show, one that a lot of people expected to be one of the most popular of all time. The problem is, since its launch, a lot of viewers are shocked to find out that it is not half as spectacular as they were expecting. The reality is that this TV series is likely to be compared to things like Lost, or even Jurassic Park. Of course, the fact is that it is neither and many are likely to think that it does not even get close. The hype started surrounding Terra Nova as soon as most people got wind that Stephen Spielberg was going to get involved and the show was likely to be about dinosaurs. It was not long before people realized what the plot really was and realised that this was not going to be anything like the two shows mentioned above. The first thing that is likely to strike a keen viewer is that the plot is not necessarily exciting. Initially, the plot is set in the future, approximately 40 years from now. The problem is that the Earth has too many people and is slowly being destroyed from the inside out. The solution is to wind back the clocks around 85 million years. This puts people living in the time of dinosaurs, many of which can be extremely dangerous. Terra Nova is extremely different in terms of viewing, when compared with the likes of Jurassic Park and of course; Lost. The reality is that throughout both of these programs, the viewer is drip fed with excitement, keeping them on the edge of their seat. This is something that viewers are not likely to experience when watching Terra Nova. Instead, what they are likely to experience is a short sharp burst of energy and then a program that is extremely easy to lose interest in. Although Terra Nova can still be considered to be an excellent TV series, there are some major modifications in order for this to be considered, great, rather than just average. One of the biggest changes that needs to be made is the quality of the animation when it comes to the dinosaurs. They are extremely poor quality and it seems that the budget on offer will just not stretch far enough. This has a huge impact on the quality of the rest of the thing, which is a real shame.
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