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Cable News Network commonly referred to as CNN is basically a U.S. cable news channel which was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. This was the first all-news channel in the United States. This news channel has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. You can now enjoy the news online and the website features a number of blogs, social media and user-generated content. You can watch CNN live online anytime and at anyplace. Just connect to the internet and watch CNN live at a good quality and without having to worry about the taxes you need to pay for your idiot box. CNN also offers mobile internet service so that you can watch CNN live on your mobile phones. Most of these services are subscription free and can be used quite conveniently. CNN news has become quite famous since CNN since its launch has expanded to a number of cable and satellite television companies, number of websites, specialized closed-circuit channels and a radio network. CNN news is a favorite among the viewers as one can get quick and fast peak into the events that take place worldwide. CNN also features political news and you can stay updated with the political events. CNN politics also features responses from users and you can view what all is happening around in your country. The viewers can give their opinions and also write blogs. Thus they are working towards encouraging the public opinion. Politicians and their works are highlighted so that it is possible for you to choose your leaders wisely so that we have a healthy government aimed at working for social welfare of the people. CNN pipeline was basically English language video news that provided both live and on-demand video to the subscribers’ computers through broadband internet connections. However this was discontinued on June 27, 2007 and was succeeded by live-video stream that began on July 2. This service did not contain advertising. CNN live stream and streaming TV enables the viewers to watch high quality streaming videos and important news at just a click of mouse. Imagine you can watch plenty of stuff as per your choice without having to worry about the huge revenue charged from the cable operators. In fact watching CNN online will save you a lot of time since you can watch it whenever you wish and adjust it in your hectic schedule. You do not have to miss your special shows or programs and in case you do, you always have the option of viewing the recordings. In CNN live broadcast there are certain live programs that are aired online and you can even sit in your office and watch these. You can stay updated with the CNN headline news about the important happenings of the day. So switch to the CNN online service and avail the benefits by saving a lot of amount and time. The technology is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide and most of the people are switching to this.

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