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A new TV series will be based on man's next frontiere - The new TV series covers the life of the applicants vying for the chance to live in Mars. Once they get there, there will be no hope of returning back to Earth.

Dutch TV will be bringing the most state of the art reality TV show on the face of television since they are going to cover the most ambitious reality TV project ever to grace this world… and perhaps the only one. They have plans to plans to produce a reality show based on development of the space programme known as Mars One is now confirmed. Representing Endemol is Darlow Smithson Productions and is now following the action as hundreds of would-be astronauts get put through the roughest training course in the face of the planet to become the first inhibitors of the ‘red planet’. DSP want to show the world how man colonizes the red planet. They want viewers to support and story of the candidates as their numbers get narrowed down to the best fit for selection. At the beginning of the Mars One project, there was over 200,000 applicants, wherein 705 manage to get into the next stage of consideration, a process that requires them to prove themselves by handling an ‘intense programme run by scientists and astronauts’… and of course the Endemol cameras. Those that remain in the contest have stated their commitment with the programme. It is said that once selected, there won’t be any way to back out since they are going to live there. They would need to stay in Mars for the all their lives. Their mission relies on populating Mars. There are already stations pre-built for habitation by machines dispatched beforehand. And when they get there, they would need to live there and they might not return to Earth for the rest of their lives. Mars One’s co-founder and CEO Bas LAnsdorp said of the developments: “Bringing the story of our incredibly brave aspiring Martians to the world now officially begins with what we feel is a perfect partnership. Our team felt all along that we needed a partner whose strength lies in factual storytelling to an international audience. DSP will provide that to Mars One, while allowing our selection committee to maintain control of the applicant selection process.” DSP representative Iain Riddick added: “It is a great privilege for DSP to be chosen to exclusively follow the incredible journeys of those who will make humankind’s first footprint on Mars. This has to be the world’s toughest job interview for what is without question a world-first opportunity and the human stories that emerge will captivate and inspire generations across the globe.”
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