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Bear Grylls new reality show is in another controversy - Bear Grylls has been known for his awkward taste as he would eat almost anything. In fact, he could also eat uncooked meat just to survive. Now, his new show is facing controversy because of an episode, wherein a doctor treated two of the contestants in an inhumane way.

Bear Grylls's controversial new survival TV series is in a new controversy after featuring two contestants being administered painful enemas. Some viewers have enough and said that the last episode of “The Island with Bear Grylls,” made them sick. Before that, the show already faced lots of accusations like the participants were not ordinary or something. Now, the new complaint is centered on Channel 4's decision to broadcast a scene a being treated by a doctor to two islanders that suffers from bowel problems. The scene shows how the doctor used a washed-up rubber tube and a cut off water bottle to carry out the procedure which caused angered the audience. One guy says that the show was disgusting because the doctor sticks a pipe up on the ass of one of the participants. UK network Channel 4 received more complaints about the latest episode, which was shown at 9pm, but would not dare to discuss how many was the actual complaints. There was also this complaint about a fish being killed in an inhumane way. Ofcom haven’t had any decision whether to open a formal investigation into last night's show as to whether it breached its broadcasting code. The complaints also reach Twitter, wherein one woman said that “Bear Grylls is inhumane." In an earlier episode of The Island with Bear Grylls, wherein a caiman got killed to be eaten gathered around 93 complaints to Ofcom. Ofcom didn’t investigate the episode as they believe that it is justified by contextual factors". Compared to the other episodes, Channel 4 claimed that it is least complaint that they have received so far. It was only last month when TV adventurer Bear Grylls and Channel 4 found themselves embroiled in a fakery row over The Island after a rumor that most of the contestants were professionals that are used to extreme conditions - and some of the scenes had been staged. At the start of the episode, the TV series shows how the dehydrated camp-mates run to find a source of fresh drinking water. They did find one, but viewers never knew that it came from rubber-lined pool put there by the production crew. Another revelation is that the two caimans found on the island were planted – they were released there by the crew. The broadcasting network never disclose this information. Four of the 13 men other men had survived extreme conditions before prior to the series and the others have already worked closely with Grylls. Rupert Smith is his co-worker on Channel 4's Escape To The Legion and Dan Etheridge used to be his cameraman on Man vs Wild. Sound recordist Kiff McManus has worked in hostile condition for more than 10 years. And Matt Bennett was part of the team behind Ross Kemp On Gangs.
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