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Farewell to the X Factor musical show, I can't sing! - Simon Cowell loses £4 million on the musical show because the show isn't selling enough tickets. Though, there are some reviews to help its sales, it is not enough.

Reports claimed that the TV mogul Simon Cowell £4 million because of I Can't Sing!. The stage show is based upon the ITV talent show, The X Factor' and the judges of the show got their own representation on the show. Unfortunately, the show is set to close on May 10, just six weeks after it opened at the London Palladium. It is one of the most expensive shows ever to have such a short run. The Sun newspaper reports that Syco ( Simon’s company) have a half of the £7 million budget for the production - which was written by Harry Hill and stars Nigel Harman - with Stage Entertainment UK, Glass Half Full Productions and Just For Laugh Theatricals also investing. There several speculations that people believed contributed to closure of the show, which include steep ticket prices, with the most expensive seats going for a staggering £87.50 and the lowest ticket can be bought for £20. According to a source of the newspaper: 'The show just didn't convince X Factor fans outside London it was worth making the trek and forking out a small fortune. 'London theatergoers are a particular bunch and many would say they aren't fans of Simon and his shows.' The closure was unexpected as it is only new and it also comes at a bad time since X FAtor USA just closed. The Mail recently reported that the musical is having disappointed ticket sales. The Palladium has rarely been more than two-thirds full. A source of The Mail said: ‘The Palladium was half empty last Tuesday, and that’s not the first time. Sales have been incredibly disappointing, particularly given the show is still in its first month.’ ‘The cast can’t keep playing to a theatre that is only two-thirds full,’ the source said. ‘If sales don’t pick up, that could be it.’ Stage Entertainment and Syco Entertainment announced that they will be closing the show on Saturday April 26, as I Can't Sing follows in the footsteps of the failed Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! Rebecca Quigley, the CEO of Stage Entertainment UK, said: 'We are sad to be bringing I Can’t Sing! to a close but are immensely proud to have co-produced the show. The West End can be an unpredictable place as the closure of a number of high profile productions recently has shown. 'I Can’t Sing! Gathered some audiences because of four and five star reviews from the critics and an amazing company and creative team, but it is not enough to help the ticket sales.
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