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Towie cast in hot waters after being accused of taking drugs - Mario won't be seen on the hit reality show, TOWIE momentarily because some people believe that he is taking drugs. There is a video, wherein a guy that resembles him was videoed taking the illegal substance.

Mario Falcone won’t be seen temporarily on The Only Way because of the emergence of video footage of someone that looks like him. In the alleged video, the guy was snorting cocaine during a night out with pals. The cast and crew are in Spain doing the scenes for the forthcoming twelfth series of the constructed reality show. But, Mario got some order from the ITV boss to stay away from the rest of the casts. According to the Sun, Mario was secretly recorded after a night out in Essex. Short video shows a man, resembling the reality show leaning forward over a work surface as he was snorting the white powder through a rolled up bank note. Sources claimed that the film was recorded two months ago and that the powder was cocaine. Mario’s drug allegations come after his fellow cast James Lock fired by his bosses for the possession of illegal substance back in April. Some insiders are adamant that the same thing could happen to Mario should the boss find out that he was indeed the guy in the video. According to one of the crews of the reality show, this might trigger the downfall of Mario’s television career. Though, he has earned his right on the television show in the last three years, the show doesn’t make exceptions for anyone using drugs. Before the drug allegations, Mario was already in hot water after arguing with group of young boys because of their derogatory comments about his then fiancée, former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh. Mario was told by the police that he shouldn’t grab the kid by the neck. After returning to England on Friday, Mario spent Saturday evening at home watching soccer, wherein the homeland plays a friendly match against Honduras. In 2013, the Towie star gain recognition after he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, in which he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Carol McGiffin, 5ive singer Abz Love and eventual winner Charlotte Crosby. After going out of the BB house, he had hopes that people have a better opinion of him and hinted that he might leave TOWIE. ‘TOWIE have always liked to put the bad stuff out about me,’ he said. ‘I’ve learnt to deal with it but I find it hard that my family have to see the bad press when they know that’s not the case.’ He added: ‘I don’t want to go back to being that person so I’m hoping they’ll let me be me on camera otherwise we’ll have to talk about my future on the show. We’ll see.’
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