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The History Channel is a cable television station that offers, as the name of the channel suggests, programs related to historical events and people. This channel also deals with various occult, paranormal and pseudoscientific phenomena. The things and facts are explained using observations and explanations made by noted historians, authors, scholars, astrologers, esotericists, Biblical scholars, as well as reenactments and interviews with witnesses. History Channel was launched on Jan 1, 1995 and is owned by A&E Television networks. The History Channel as its headquarters in New York and operates with the slogan ''''History Made Every Day''''. History Channel telecasts programmes covering wide range of topics and periods. The subjects covered include military history, various centuries like medieval period, historical biographies, modern engineering, metaphysical subjects as well as disaster scenarios. Some of the programs are also based on comparisons between contemporary culture and technology with the past. There are also the programs which focus on religious interpretations, conspiracy theory, reality television, and UFO speculation. The History Channel also maintains a corporate initiative known as Save Our History which is dedicated to preservation of history, historical artifacts and historical sites. This is their step towards preserving the history and making the new generation aware of the historical facts. You can watch history channel live on your PC, all you need is internet access. History channel online lets you watch exclusive video clips and full episodes of your favorite shows of History channel through online video player. Yes, History Channel features a comprehensive library of speeches and video in its online store. Watching history channel online also enables you to create play list of the videos that you want to watch. Some of the main topics included in this store include This Day in History, Military and War, U.S History, Mysteries of History, Exploration, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, Political and Historical Figures, World History and many more. Well you need a Macromedia Flash to watch History Channel Live online videos. If you do not have cable at your home or if you just like watching TV and movies while using your PC, you need not worry History Channel has a solution for you. History Channel Live cable enables you to watch this Channel without even switching on your television sets. There are many alternatives to cable television which enables you watch this channel and the shows online by using just your browser. These include Youtube and many more. History Channel Live, watch free History Channel Live and enjoy broadcast of documentaries and short films related to past vents and happenings. History Channel also airs different phenomena that have been still in discussion. Some of the famous programs to mention include Shoot out, Great Battles of Rome, Dogfights, Crusades, Alamo, Digging for Truth and battle for the Pacific. Watching History Channel Live Online will help you learn more about the past. Watching History Channel historical facts is an informative experience which will help you gain knowledge.

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